12 Platforms to Learn How to Make a Chatbot

By Techfunnel Author - Published on June 24, 2021
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In recent times, businesses have been turning to chatbot development platforms to create the perfect first impression and excellent subsequent impressions for their prospects and customers. In this article, we discuss the 12 best bot development platforms.

Top 12 Popular Platforms for Chatbot Development

  1. WotNot

    WotNot is one of the best platforms for chatbot development. It allows you to create a chatbot and provides the complete suite of conversational marketing solutions for over 15 industries. It features a no-code chatbot builder that allows you to easily develop a bot from scratch with the drag-and-drop interface. Alternatively, you can as well make use of any of their many pre-designed templates for quick customization and going live in no time.


    • No-code builder for the instant building of bots
    • Chatbot to human handover feature
    • Chatbot analytics
    • Compatible with multiple channels including mobile apps, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and websites
    • Unlimited messages  conversations
  1. Flow XO

    Are you looking forward to building bots without any form of coding? Then you should consider Flow XO as well. It allows you to build bots and launch them across various platforms while allowing integration with other third-party platforms as well.


    • Multi-channel compatibility
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Integration with multiple third-party tools
    • Zero technical expertise needed
  1. Drift Chatbot

    This platform initially focused on the live chat space but has recently entered into chatbots. What they offer is a chatbot that schedules meetings for sales departments. The bot drives engagements with leads and examines web visitors without the use of any forms. It further identifies the ideal sales representative and books a meeting on their schedule.


    • Live chat and chatbot go hand in hand
    • A vast range of integrations
    • Immediate engagement with people on the site
    • Uses Drift Automation to answer questions promptly
    • Enables real-time conversations
  1. Landbot.io

    Landbot.io is an intuitive chatbot platform that allows businesses to develop AI-driven bots and rule-based bots so that they can seamlessly communicate with their target customers and produce high-quality dialogues. This tool also enables human workers to join in the conversation midway and take over from the chatbot in real-time.


    • Drag and drop interface for quick chatbot development
    • Offers initiation of dialog flows.
    • Analyze and test your chatbots without using any code at all
    • Excellent integration with other online tools and apps
    • Chatbot personalization with brand details
    • Availability of several integrations
    • Easy to use
  1. LivePerson

    LivePerson is a great tool that allows for convenient building, deployment, and optimization of AI-driven chatbots. One interesting highlight of LivePerson is that it allows businesses to take advantage of advanced analytics for real-time intent identification and continual optimization.


    • Enables you to create personalized pre-written statements to add in chats
    • Intuitive for new employees and users
    • Offers a better customer experience through features like canned responses, hyperlinks, etc.
  1. Bold360

    This is one of the top bot solutions that uses natural language processing (NLP) to increase the efficiency of customer service agents, transition directly, or take over interactions from the chatbot to human agents.


    • Well-integrated live agent
    • A vast tool with a robust number of features
    • Quick and hassle-free human handoff
    • Different internal network systems and customer engagement tools for SDKs, APIs, and IT & HR.
    • Patented Natural Language Processing technology that has the ability to understand the intent of customers without the need for keyword matching.
  1. Intercom

    This chatbot platform offers a variety of products for the customer service sector. They offer custom chatbots for use cases surrounding support, marketing, and sales. You can also integrate these bots with social platforms and e-commerce platforms and use live chat options.


    • Quick bot development without any coding
    • Advanced targeting by proactively engaging with all qualified leads
    • Top-quality, customized help at scale
    • Complex UI
  1. Octane AI

    Octane AI is a very useful chatbot platform for people who want to integrate a chatbot with a Shopify store through Facebook Messenger. This tool allows you to send receipts and shipping information, assist customers in finding their preferred items, and attend to customer queries automatically.


    • Easy FAQs management
    • Automated workflows
    • Analytics interface
    • Quick-start surveys, notifications, and templates, along with video, image, and voice support.
    • Notification support for shipping information and abandoned cart
    • A vast range of integrations including PayPal, Facebook Messenger, Salesforce, Nexmo, and Slack.
  1. Botsify

    Botsify provides a relatively easier-to-use bot builder to build bots for Messenger, Slack, and websites with ready to use templates. Just like most platforms, Botsify also allows you to easily take over the interaction from bot to human personnel.


    • Develop conversational forms
    • Seamless chatbot to human agent handoff
    • Multiple channel support
    • Integration with multiple third-party tools
  1. Chatfuel

    This is another chatbot platform that is restricted to only Facebook Messenger. It allows you to take advantage of Natural Language Processing to identify utterances and interests, and then share pre-defined results. The key feature of Chatfuel is that it has a database for storing the users’ data. This will allow you to reach out back to them in the future when you need to.


    • Activity and Action management
    • Third-party integration
    • Chatbot analytics
    • Supports about 50 languages
  1. Pandorabots

    This is a great AI-powered chatbot development platform. It provides comprehensive solutions for highly efficient chatbot creation. Regarded as one of the largest and oldest chats hosting platforms in the world, it is a multilingual chatbot as well.


    • Multichannel support
    • Multilingual support
    • Fully voice-enabled
    • Enables context understanding and downloading your code
    • Offers RESTful APIs
    • Coding expertise is needed
  1. ManyChat

    ManyChat offers bots that can be developed and launched on Messenger for use cases concerning customer service, marketing, and sales. The advantage of this is that businesses will be able to broadcast content immediately to their audience on Facebook through Messenger.


    •  Marketing tools on Facebook Messenger to interact with your subscribers
    • No coding drag-and-drop bot development
    • Better engagement through Messenger broadcasting
    • Integrations with Shopify, Zapier, Stripe, and others
    • Easier onboarding, thanks to the multiple tutorials.
    • Ready-to-use templates

How To Choose the Right Chatbot Platform?

Having listed all the platforms, we shall now take a look at the factors to consider helping you choose the right chatbot development platform for you.

  1. Identify your Use Cases
    Here, you must first consider the question – “why do I need a chatbot?” And “what would be the use case for utilizing the chatbot?”An ideal understanding of what your use case is will guide you in determining what you want exactly from your chatbot. Just as the platforms vary in pricing, integrations, and features, the chatbots will equally differ significantly between a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) use case.
  1. Integrations
    It is crucial that you have the appropriate chatbot integrations at hand in order to achieve the best outcomes from your chatbot platform. You’re not just automating answers alone but actions as well. You should be able to log into HubSpot or Salesforce and view the leads the chatbot has generated with complete details of the conversation. This will assist you to advance to the second stage of the engagement with your leads rather than spending time qualifying them. Make sure that whatsoever platform you select enables your existing marketing tech stack to integrate effortlessly with your current workflows.
  1. Natural Language & AI Capabilities
    The interaction process is one of the most essential elements that make customers find chatbots to be intriguing. It is not compulsory that you begin with an NLP-based bot, during your first time deploying a bot. However, you should consider a platform that supports Natural Language Processing and has Artificial Intelligence capabilities that will help you expand your chatbot’s capabilities and use case down the line. The chatbot platform should possess the ability to receive training on diverse utterances, entities, intents, and responses, so as to understand the context, respond with the appropriate answer and carry out a given task seamlessly.
  1. Training
    Training is one of the most vital factors when it comes to choosing a chatbot platform. You must consider the ability to train the chatbot so that it becomes smarter. Businesses must have a chatbot solution that is independent of human influence. This chatbot solution must support continuous learning and increase in smartness with every interaction using semantic modeling and machine learning.
  1. Pricing
    A large number of chatbot platforms today utilize a combination of pay-per-performance pricing methods, monthly license fees, and pay-per-call pricing models. It is pertinent that you choose a chatbot pricing model that guarantees savings, is predictive and enables you to pay based on your achieved or non-achieved aims/goals.

Final Thoughts

In all, whether you are picking a chatbot platform independently or a firm for your chatbot development needs, it is necessary that you consider all the upsides and downsides, conduct extra research, and ultimately make your decision.

The 12 chatbot platforms listed above have been revolutionizing the chatbot service for some time now. We hope you find the one that best suits your chatbot development needs amongst them so you can build a chatbot for your business.


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