Top Content Marketing Software to Increase Brand Awareness

Top Content Marketing Software

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a leading way to engage with customers and get in front of potential audiences. “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately,...

Best Practices for Choosing the Best Content Marketing Technology for Your Business

Best Content Marketing Technology

Digital marketing has become the way that most businesses primarily engage with their customers. As technology continues to grow and change, the software that supports digital marketing endeavors. How do you know what technology is the right fit for your business? Content marketing tools and content marketing technology can enable...

Top Techniques to Implement When Creating Infographics

Content Marketing Techniques

Smart businesses and marketers know that advertising is no longer just about interrupting customers with messaging through billboard ads, tv commercials, and radio spots. It’s become less about how to simply broadcast your brand message and more about how to create meaning with your audience and create a long-term connection....

How Critical Is ROI Marketing Automation to Business Success

ROI Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help you run your marketing campaigns more efficiently. By automating certain tasks and workflows, you can create more streamlined communications and effectively reach more customers. Many marketing automation programs help businesses run email drip campaigns and lead generation marketing efforts, as well as generate better reporting and...

32 Best Content Creation Tools for Bloggers and Marketers

Content Creation Tools

Content marketing plays a very important role in business from attracting customers to retaining them. The potential impact that content can have on an organization is huge, yet marketers say that content creation is one of the biggest challenges that they face, as do many bloggers. Delivering quality content to current and...

Best Way to Increase Sales with Salesforce

How to Increase sales

Any business organization would want to increase sales as possible even if they are already doing well. In a world where s-commerce is transforming the way things are done, various technologies have sprouted to help businesspeople make more sales. Salesforce, for example, is a cloud-based company that offers companies and organizations...

5 SEO Trends to Implement on Your B2B Website

SEO trends

Guest post by Piket Media Staying on trend isn’t just for fashion designers and pop stars anymore. Marketing specialists and advertisers have every reason to keep their eyes out for up and coming methods for communicating their goods and services to their target audience. Knowing the most contemporary SEO trends can...

Advid Receives First OEM Partnership, 100% Co-Op Eligible in Audi’s New Tier III Marketing Covenant Guidelines

Audis Tier III Marketing Covenant Guidelines

PRESS RELEASE -- WASHINGTON -- Advid is pleased to announce its new relationship with Audi North America as a Co-Op eligible pre-roll provider for Tier III automotive. Effective September 4th, 2019, Advid's automated, dynamic video technology will be available to all Audi dealers in North America at a preferred rate...

8 Reasons for Using Digital Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Automation

In an increasingly digital world, automation matters more than ever. It’s not enough to simply be able to engage with digital trends; businesses need to use technology and software solutions to drive results, understand their customers, and provide a superior experience to customers and employees alike. Digital marketing automation is one...


Marketing is everywhere. It is broader than advertising, and it is different than sales, even though all three terms are often closely intertwined. Marketing is about creating demand for a product or service through different forms of advertising, which (hopefully) will translate into sales. Advertising, sales, and marketing work hand-in-hand. Defined simply, marketing is a strategy. It is used by organizations to determine how they position themselves in the industry, how they differentiate themselves from the competition, how they gain customers, and how they get brand recognition.

The basic marketing framework is made up of three C’s: (1) Customer – Who are an organization’s customers? What are they like? (2) Company – What kind of companies are organizations targeting? What industry are they in? (3) Competitor – How is an organization different from its competitors? What does an organization do differently than its rivals? The basic marketing framework is also made up of four P’s: (1) Product – What is it that an organization is selling? (2) Price – Does the organization provide low prices or high prices? Is it marketing to an audience that is able or willing to buy its product at the offered price? (3) Promotion – Is the organization getting its message out through radio, television, or print advertising, digital marketing, trade shows, etc.? (4) Place – Where and how is the organization getting its product distributed to the market?

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