Engaged Customers = Valuable Customers: Can You Identify Yours?

Guest Contribution by Sean Keith Do you want your marketing dollars to work harder for your business? Then you need to know which customers engage with your brand the most and why. What do they buy and when? Are they likely to buy online and/or instore? That’s because customers who engage...

Why Technology Companies Should Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy for Technology Companies

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective by the minute. As a forward-thinking marketer, you know there is always a more innovative and better way.  According to Content Marketing Institute: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a...

How Blockchain Technology Is Shaping a New Future for Digital Marketing

Blockchain Technology for Digital Marketing

Just like a car engine that reluctantly starts on a winter morning, people often wonder how and where to start when it comes to digital marketing. Some think their small business is making money without digital enhancement, so why bother? While some want to but are unaware of the process...

Nasser Aftab, Director of Business Development, Phonexa Discusses Performance Tracking and the Company’s All-In-One Platform for Marketers

Nasser Aftab is the Director of Business Development at Phonexa. In this role, Nasser manages Phonexa’s business development strategy, oversees sales and client relations, and gets custom solutions for Phonexa partners and clients. His key responsibilities include keeping Phonexa a leader in the competitive SaaS marketplace, formulating long-term strategies for...

Marketing Automation: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed

Marketing Automation All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed

Marketing automation is the name given to all the technologies and platforms designed for various marketing departments and business organizations to market their campaigns more effectively on multiple platforms online and offline and perform repetitive tasks with minimal human errors. The marketing automation industry is increasing rapidly and has become one...

Gainsight Taps inSided to Provide B2B Customer Success Community Platform

Gainsight Taps inSided to Provide B2B Customer Success Community Platform

inSided to deliver integrated community platform to scale customer product feedback and to support Gainsight’s SaaS customer success goals PRESS RELEASE -- NEW YORK -- inSided, the only customer success community platform built specifically for B2B software companies, announced today that it has formed a partnership with leading customer success platform...

TA Digital Awarded High Growth Award in 2019 for BigCommerce

TA Digital

PRESS RELEASE -- NEWARK, CALIFORNIA -- TA Digital, a leading global digital transformation agency, announced today that it has been named High Growth Award winner in the 2019 BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards. The awards were showcased during an annual contest that recognizes agency partners that provide merchants with innovative solutions to...

8 Ways Marketing Automation Can Improve Business Outcomes

How marketing automation works

Marketing automation is no longer a “nice to have” for most businesses. Organizations that want to remain competitive in their industry have learned that at least some parts of their marketing need to be automated in order to effectively reach existing and potential customers. Modern software solutions give marketers the...

5 Top Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

Guest Contribution by Claire Jane Ward Collecting customer feedback is an invaluable part of running a business, as it allows you to discover where customers are most or least satisfied with your business. You can quickly evaluate and address any complaints and concerns, and get an overall idea of where your...


Marketing is everywhere. It is broader than advertising, and it is different than sales, even though all three terms are often closely intertwined. Marketing is about creating demand for a product or service through different forms of advertising, which (hopefully) will translate into sales. Advertising, sales, and marketing work hand-in-hand. Defined simply, marketing is a strategy. It is used by organizations to determine how they position themselves in the industry, how they differentiate themselves from the competition, how they gain customers, and how they get brand recognition.

The basic marketing framework is made up of three C’s: (1) Customer – Who are an organization’s customers? What are they like? (2) Company – What kind of companies are organizations targeting? What industry are they in? (3) Competitor – How is an organization different from its competitors? What does an organization do differently than its rivals? The basic marketing framework is also made up of four P’s: (1) Product – What is it that an organization is selling? (2) Price – Does the organization provide low prices or high prices? Is it marketing to an audience that is able or willing to buy its product at the offered price? (3) Promotion – Is the organization getting its message out through radio, television, or print advertising, digital marketing, trade shows, etc.? (4) Place – Where and how is the organization getting its product distributed to the market?

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