Top 15 Artificial Intelligence-Based Employee Engagement Tools for 2020

Artificial Intelligence-Based Employee Engagement Tools for 2020

Employee engagement is a critical aspect and an important dynamic in the recruitment sub-sector. Today top-notch organizations gather data to see how the information can be used to make changes in human resource management. Data collected allows personnel in charge of employee recruitment and engagement better understand how to improve...

Why Hiring Veterans Gives Tech Businesses Unique Advantages

Guest Contribution by Russell Medina The business climate in North Texas is rapidly changing. Recent research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of qualified tech workers is quickly shrinking.  In simple terms, there is only one qualified tech worker for every two tech jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area....

LogMeIn’s Alison Durant Named Chief Marketing Officer of the Year in MassTLC’s Technology Leadership Awards

LogMeIn’s Alison Durant Named Chief Marketing Officer

PRESS RELEASE -- BOSTON -- LogMeIn, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: LOGM) Alison Durant has been named the “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year” award winner in the 22nd Annual Technology Leadership Awards by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC). This prestigious award program honors the best companies, leaders, and innovations from Boston’s internationally...

7 Ways Payroll Automation Is Beneficial for Human Resource Departments

How Payroll Automation Is Beneficial for Human Resource

Modern HR has and continues to be a foundational piece of any good business strategy. While filling staff positions and ensuring workplace compliance have always been integral to the success of organizations, the human resources department is becoming an increasingly strategic unit. HR leaders are responsible for not only hiring but...

Top 5 Secrets of the Cheapest Payroll Services for Companies with One Employee

Cheapest Payroll Services for One Employee

One out of three small-sized businesses is affected by the penalties imposed by the IRS for having payroll. Additionally, for small businesses, these fines add up and become something that cannot be caught up easily. That is why, small businesses, particularly companies with one employee choose to pay for the...

The Gender Gap Is Bad for Business: Here Are 5 Steps to Change It

5 Steps to Change Gender gap

While much progress has been made since the age of the women’s suffrage movement, there is still quite a bit of difference in the way women and men are treated in the workplace. This difference seems to be most prevalent in the gender and pay gap of corporate America. Gender bias...

Men More Likely to Believe They Do More Work Than Women with Same Job

men work more than women

More than one-quarter of men (26%) say they have more responsibility than colleagues with the same job title, compared to 18% of workers who are women. Businesses must make employee responsibilities clear to combat the underestimation of women's workloads. PRESS RELEASE -- WASHINGTON -- Men are more likely than women to say they...

Top 8 Recruitment Channels and How Technology Can Help

recruitment channel

Technology can be an incredible tool for your recruitment team. In fact, most people are connected to their job search or employer they currently work for through an app or an internet job board. Using technology to spread your job listing is not only a popular way to get relevant applicants...

Is the 5-Hour Workday Beneficial to Work Balance and Productivity?

work balance

The benefits of a five-hour workday have been put to the test by a technology consulting firm in Germany as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal. Time-wasting activities such as responding to emails were restricted and using social media was eliminated. Other changes introduced, when reducing the workday to five...


Human resources (HR) refers to the people who work in an organization and their relationship with that organization. Different terms have been used to describe such people including employees, associates, and personnel; but the term “human resources” has gained widespread acceptance over the last decade because it clearly expresses the belief that human beings are a valuable and sometimes irreplaceable resource to the success of any organization. Effective human resource management (HRM) is an important part of any manager’s job.

Managers face several major HR challenges in three main categories: the environment, the organization, and the individual. Environment challenges include rapid change, rise of the Internet, workforce diversity, globalization, and natural disasters. Organization challenges include decentralization, downsizing, self-managed work teams, technology, and outsourcing. Individual challenges include ethical dilemmas, social responsibility, productivity, empowerment, and job insecurity.

The rapid rise of the Internet is the single most important trend affecting organizations, human resource managers, and their human resource practices. The Internet, in particular, and technology, in general, is having a profound impact on how organizations manage their human resources. Nearly every organization today uses the Internet as part of their regular business practices.

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