Slack Acquires Hipchat and Stride

The end of workplace messaging platform wars. The battle for dominance between workplace messaging platforms has come to a close, and Slack has emerged as the winner. As a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, Slack Technologies has acquired both Stride and Hipchat platforms from Atlassian. Joff Redfern, Vice President of

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The Impact of M-Commerce Platforms on Future Business

Impact of m-Commerce Platforms on Financial Services

What is mobile commerce? How are mobile commerce platforms impacting financial services? What is m-commerce and what impact could it have on financial services? Well, m-commerce or mobile commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices like smartphones. M-commerce is being dubbed next-generation e-commerce and enables

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Browser Company Opera Files for $115 Million IPO

An internet browsing company based out of Norway, Opera, has petitioned for an IPO on NASDAQ. The company is looking to raise about $115 million amid the filing. The greatest financial contenders of the browser organization including Bitmain, IDG Capital Fund, and IDG Capital Investors who have consented to offer $50

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What You Need to Know about NPAs

Best NPAs Recovery Tools in Finance Industry

What are NPAs, and how can your institute recover from their damage? NPAs can cause serious problems – here are some ideas for avoiding non-performing assets. NPA is short for “non-performing assets.” In short, this means any asset, like a loan, that a bank or financial institution has issued to a borrower

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TransUnion Acquires iovation

TransUnion gave a step toward its consolidation as a fraud and identity management industry giant by completing its acquisition of iovation, after clear all the regulator's conditions and now will use the knowledge and products of iovation to give their business clients a more comprehensive product portfolio to manage their

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Benefits of a Transaction Processing System in Business

Benefits of Transaction Processing System in Business

Transaction processing systems provide many real-time benefits for every business. Does your company utilize a transaction processing system to make transactions easier for your customers? If not, what is stopping you? You probably interact with a transaction processing system every day but didn’t know. A transaction processing system is a type of

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4 Business Process Management Benefits in Financial Services

Business Process Management Benefits in Financial Services

How can BPM benefit your financial service business? What is business process management and how does it affect financial service sectors. The business world grows increasingly competitive every day – between startups with trendy apps and new marketing tools launching all the time, every business, including financial institutions and industries, need to

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The Benefits of SOHO Business Processes in Finance

Benefits of SOHO Business Process in Finance

What is SOHO Accounting in Finance? Does having a SOHO specific accounting or finance program help your business? In the business world, SOHO is more than a fancy New York district. SOHO refers to “small office/home office.” As almost any business owner could tell you, a small business or home based business

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