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Tips for Bartering Service for Small Business

6 Tips on Using Bartering Services in Your Small Business

Bartering might not be the traditional way that businesses secure products and services – usually cash or credit changes hands – but it’s becoming a legitimate way, particularly in small business circles, to mitigate financial risk, build goodwill, create better

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How to Improve Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

How to Improve Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

A big chunk of talent acquisition is the growing importance of programmatic recruitment advertising. The goal of programmatic recruitment advertising is its data-centered process that automates and improves applicant sourcing. Programmatic recruitment advertising, also known as programmatic job advertising, is a method

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Big Data Analytics in Finance Industry

How to Use Big Data Analytics to Improve Finance Industry

How financial professionals can use big data analytics in the finance industry. Best ways to enhance the finance industry with the help of big data analytics. Big data Data Analytics Data Visualization These are three terms that you hear every day, in every conversation about

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SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Reasons Small Businesses Use SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing is very beneficial to small businesses and start-ups that don’t have the resources or funds to launch a full-blown traditional marketing campaign. Most audience members agree that an SMS campaign is a good way for an organization to

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Movers and Shakers

Zena Burns Joins Executive Team at Futuri Media

Zena Burns Joins Executive Team at Futuri Media (WATCH)

Global leader in SaaS technology to drive audiences and revenue, Futuri Media, announced the appointment of veteran media executive Zena Burns as the company’s new Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Brand Development. Burns brings to the company 20 years

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