Ultimate Software Unveils Slack App for HCM-Focused UltiPro TechFunnel

Ultimate Software Unveils Slack App for HCM-Focused UltiPro

Ultimate Software Unveils Slack App for HCM-Focused UltiPro

Ultimate Software recently unveiled the Slack app for UltiPro to help companies boost their HR processes and workplace interactions.

This new solution makes UltiPro more interactive by making information seamlessly accessible. The Slack interface allows employees to enter notes, provide performance reviews, scan through time-off balances, give feedback on formal reports and more. In order to ensure privacy UltiPro commands integrated into Slack can only be viewed by the specific user assigned to a particular task. The main idea behind this is to bring back Ultimate Software’s “people-centric” focus. The app was launched on December 18.

“We believe that the augmentation of UltiPro’s features will not only improve customer retention rate but also attract new customers on a regular basis. This will eventually boost recurring revenue growth. Management anticipates recurring revenues to increase 24% year over year in fiscal 2018,” the company said in a statement to Zacks.


“For Ultimate customers who use Slack, this app is a game changer, enabling teams to get their work done as effortlessly and intelligently as possible, with the most extensive feature set in the industry,” said Adam Rogers, Chief Technology Officer at Ultimate Software. “For example, a manager can interact with an employee on Slack about a project, and then immediately enter performance feedback without having to leave the conversation. A similar process can be followed by a manager and employee discussing time off, with the ability to request and approve PTO. We are committed to putting people first with solutions focused on employee needs, and the Slack app for UltiPro is our newest innovation to elevate the experience at work.”

“The HR technologies that deliver the most business value are those that can fuel stronger performance and productivity,” said analyst Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager, Emerging Trends & Technologies, IDC. “HCM vendors have an opportunity to improve the employee experience by meeting people where they work and fostering added convenience. With people-centric tools that inherently value employees’ time and make information more accessible, employees can perform their jobs with higher engagement and greater speed.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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