Internet of Thanksgiving: IoT Innovations That will Wow Consumers these Holidays

By Techfunnel Author - Last Updated on March 30, 2023
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2022 will be an important year for consumer devices, with many users picking up the latest flagship device or Internet of Things (IoT) innovation for the holidays. In fact, the global consumer IoT market is expected to be worth over $ 95 billion by the end of this year!

As we’re officially in the holiday shopping season, here is Daily PlanIoT’s roundup of the best IoT innovations this year. These devices truly push the boundaries of smart technology and are sure to WOW consumers in 2022-2023. As a technology enthusiast and business leader, here are the 10 IoT innovations that should be on your radar:

1. This smart, real-time language translator from Pocketalk

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator is a voice translator that allows users to speak confidently in 130+ countries. It provides you with precise, real-time interpretations for business and other applications — by using cloud-based translation engines.

The IoT gadget provides translation capabilities for 82 languages, comprising English, French, Afrikaans, Arabic, German, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, Swahili, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, as well as Vietnamese.

It also has twin microphones with noise suppression and smart touchscreen interfaces. Moreover, the translator’s built-in two-year data plan ensures that it operates anytime there is internet connectivity, even without Wi-Fi.

2. A smart, environment-friendly bidet seat – Inus N32

The Inus N32 Electric Bidet Seat is a sleek, modern bathroom accessory that is also environment-friendly. Its self-cleaning nozzle provides thorough washing for men and women alike. Its clever air drier with 5 stages of warm air allows you to dry off after a shower.

Depending on the temperature, the user may regulate the seating temp between four distinct settings. It has a waterproof, touch-enabled, intelligent side panel for controlling the primary functions. You may utilize its LED light instead of turning on the light at night. It also accommodates a direct water system, allowing you to experience instant hot water.

This IoT innovation will have widespread applications, from personal use to carbon-neutral office buildings and sustainability-focused hospitality chains.

3. Prescription lens-ready smart glasses, Echo Frames

Echo Frames are intelligent eyewear that provides connectivity to Alexa as well as other IoT devices without using your hands. It allows you to concentrate on more important tasks, saving you time. Its open-ear acoustics discreetly delivers sound to your ears, allowing you to enjoy audio entertainment, chat, and control your connected devices without using your hands.

If desired, prescription lenses may be added to the frames without impacting their features and functionality. The VIP filter allows you to get alerts from your preferred apps while ignoring the others. With Top Contact, users can rapidly call a priority contact by simply holding down the pad on Echo Frames, meaning you never have to rummage for your smartphone or even use voice commands.

This handy IoT innovation is also available with polarized lenses and blue-light filters, ideal for long hours of use at work or elsewhere.

4. An all-in-one IoT security appliance, Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender Box is an extremely beneficial IoT product for users, especially as IoT devices proliferate in their homes. It is an intelligent home cybersecurity center that protects Internet-connected devices against viruses, lost/pilfered passwords, identity theft, surveillance, and other threats. It enables the management of all connected devices from just a single app.

Bitdefender BOX combines ML algorithms and intrusion detection and prevention systems to keep your smart home secure from new threats and hazardous behavior. Users receive comprehensive, multilayered cybersecurity for their PCs, phones, iPads, baby monitors, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and any other ecosystem-led devices.

5. One remote for all your connected devices – Logitech Harmony

Logitech Harmony is an effective and practical IoT intelligent device for everyday usage. It is a ubiquitous remote that allows you to securely operate your home’s media, illumination, and other intelligent devices from a single location. It has the capabilities of up to eight remotes, reducing internal complexity and clustering, and connects 270,000+ products from 6,000+ manufacturers. But buyers should check for availability, depending on their region.

6. The mirror that runs Android apps, Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror

Mirrors are all too prevalent; how about an Android-powered smart mirror with a touchscreen interface and built-in speakers? Meet Capstone. In contrast to a lot of smart mirrors available today, this one is powered by Android OS, so you can download any Android application. It has a minimalist operating system, zero bloatware, and no superfluous applications. Please note, however, that applications and games that use gyroscopes or other detectors will not function on this mirror.

The mirror’s touchscreen display may showcase anything, such as an email, a movie, or your health statistics. It also has loudspeakers, so you can listen to songs or podcasts while showering. The gadget also supports screen mirroring. This allows you to mirror the whole screen of your smartphone to the mirror’s display, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

7. A locally processed smart device hub, Hubitat Elevation

Voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are already integrated with the majority of interconnected home devices, rendering the smart home hub a tad redundant. However, Hubitat’s Elevation hub provides a level of anonymity unmatched by its larger rivals. The Hubitat hub will conduct all robotics and voice commands (including Google Assistant and Alexa) locally for an affordable cost, rather than in the cloud.

For clients concerned about security and privacy, Hubitat may offer a creative and relatively inexpensive answer to the ever-increasing and worrisome data harvesting challenge in big tech.

The application includes push alerts and an adaptable dashboard. You will have remote access to all of your devices since Hubitat is compatible with a vast array of third-party devices from manufacturers such as Lutron and Yale. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

8. Artificial intelligence-based work lights – Wyze Floor Lamp

The Wyze Floor Lamp can be linked to the Wyze app via Bluetooth to access features such as remote control, scheduling, delay timers, smart dimming, and more. Wyze Floor Lamp utilizes 15 separate condenser lenses to direct light at a precise 23° angle for daily activities and concentrated tasks, such as home office work.

The lamp’s flexible 5’11” lamp neck enables you to illuminate whatever surface you choose, from couches and loungers to workspaces and ceilings. It employs artificial intelligence as well as deep learning tech to remember your preferred light settings and emits lighting that makes reading more simpler.

It does not allow IFTTT or voice control, nor does it support Wi-Fi, so you cannot regulate the lighting from your smartphone when you are out of Bluetooth range. Notwithstanding these minor drawbacks, the Wyze Floor Lamp is indeed an outstanding, all-in-one work light that is a terrific holiday purchase.

9. Connected lights for your Christmas tree, from Twinkly

Twinkly provides countless intelligent Christmas light styles, but the basic string of 250 RGB LED lights is the best choice (16 million colors). After being wound around trees, users are allowed to link the Twinkly app to detect the lights’ location and operate them. You may select from a wide range of predefined designs or construct your own color combinations.

Additionally, various length alternatives are available.

If you own more than one pair of these lights, you may connect them all to your home’s Wi-Fi and operate them independently using the same app. Additionally, you can connect these with any Google Home device in order to control them with your voice.

10. The alarm clock rug for smarter mornings – Ruggie

A high-density memory foam pad is encased in extraordinarily soft fleece to create Ruggie. Users are roused from slumber by loudspeakers emitting 90-120 decibels of sounds until they get out of bed.

To deactivate the alarm, you must lift your legs off the bed and step on the rug. When you place your body pressure on the rug, a countdown of 3-30 seconds begins. If the user leaves the rug before then, for example, to return to bed, the alarm sounds again. You may personalize your Ruggie to broadcast inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, and the like.

These unique Internet of Things (IoT) products tap into growing consumer demand for connected products. From the moment we wake up, to our work and personal life, and health and security — IoT technology has the potential to simplify and enrich how we live our lives.

Learn more about the Future of IoT. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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