EnGenius SkyKey Puts Cloud Accessible Networks in the Palm of Hand

EnGenius SkyKey Puts Cloud Accessible Networks in the Palm of Your Hand

EnGenius SkyKey Puts Cloud Accessible Networks in the Palm of Your Hand

Powered by the latest Quad-Core CPU, the compact-size SkyKey is built to deliver enterprise-level wired & wireless network management with no subscription fees.

PRESS RELEASE — COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA — EnGenius Technologies Inc., a California-based high-profile multinational wireless networking company, known for delivering future-proof hardware and software solutions for small and medium businesses for over two decades, today announced the launch of EnGenius SkyKey, the latest addition to the company’s ever-growing EnSky Solutions. The new product by EnGenius is aimed at IT administrators who are interested in speeding up the process of managing feature-rich access points and switches and want to save time by managing wired and wireless networks form a single eco-system. Even though the device is smaller than an average smartphone, it is powerful enough to act as an integrated computer equipped with built-in sophisticated network management software and powerful state-of-the-art hardware.

EnGenius SkyKey puts an end to the need of a dedicated server usually required for managing a fully on-premises wireless network. Equipped with user-friendly software, the mini-workstation powered by either PoE or a 12V adapter prevents IT professionals from spending hours going through a challenging installation or maintenance. All tasks are performed via a user-friendly web browser interface. With the ability to choose between cloud or direct on-premises network management, admins have full control over the managed network of choice. The device comes with integrated sturdy magnet strips allowing IT professionals to attach it to any metal surface while saving up valuable office space.

With SkyKey administrators can control different types of networks within a single sign-on easy-to-use ecosystem. The device comes with access to a subscription-free network management platform that gives IT professionals the ability to efficiently accelerate access point and gigabit switch deployments, administer networks at their fingertips and provide real-time management from a single dashboard. A single SkyKey supports up to 100 access points/switches and comes with a built-in 1GB DRAM and 4GB eMMC storage. The device’s microSD port makes the storage capabilities of the device expandable and also allows IT administrators to quickly backup/restore configurations, including the overall settings of an ezMaster account.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cloud and Private Network Management – SkyKey provides on-premises and cloud subscription-free network management capability
  • Secure Cloud Access – SkyKey installed at each deployment site offers an always-on, secure single sign-on service
  • Plug & Play Installation – Plug into any PoE switch and immediately start managing EnGenius access points and switches.
  • Easy Web-Based Management Interface – Easy to navigate with Intuitive interface requires no extensive learning curve for simplified deployment and management
  • Network Overview & Analytics – Intuitive interface enables users to view the status of wired & wireless network and rich reporting and analytics

“The new addition to the EnGenius family does not abandon old legacy products – the SkyKey is backward compatible and is fully capable of bridging the gap between older service offerings and the company’s recently released cloud solution. Using the intuitive interface, admins are able to not only manage access points and switches, but also have access to information such as systems resource usage, system overview, and the most recent projects, “said Eddie Lee, Senior Product Line Manager at EnGenius. ”The SkyKey mimics the EnGenius Cloud platform and gives IT professionals multiple ways to adjust global settings, monitor and visualize networks, and access statistics information of any type of network – wireless or wired.”

To learn more about how EnGenius builds the future of cloud-managed wireless networking, visit https://www.engeniustech.com/skykey-network-management.html.

About EnGenius Technologies

EnGenius Technologies is an industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology. The company has been around for more than 20 years and is focused on delivering feature-rich, long-range, wireless networking solutions for voice and data that empower mobility.

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