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5G Wireless will Boost Employee Productivity

5G Wireless will Boost Employee Productivity

A new survey, titled “5G Smart Ecosystems Are Transforming the Enterprise: Are You Ready?”, commissioned by Oracle Communications, concludes that 5G Wireless will indeed boost employee productivity.

Six out of ten medium and large enterprises are already undertaking a strategic review of 5G wireless networks, according to a new survey about the coming high-speed cellular communication standard. More than 80% of the 265 key decision-makers surveyed believe 5G will increase employee productivity, reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and improve business agility.

82% of respondents to the survey believe that faster networks will play a role in launching new services, and 80% say that 5G can generate new revenue streams.

Use of new 5G networks means more than connecting end-users such as employees or customers using high-speed wireless. There are many other uses, such as for connecting purpose-built, Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These could be consumer IoT devices such as connected thermostats or home security systems, or Industrial IoT devices, letting companies monitor equipment performance in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and many other industries.

85% of IT respondents expect to connect purpose-specific mobile devices via 5G by 2021. Similarly, 84% will use 5G for the real-time asset or process monitoring, 81% to connect autonomous vehicles, 78% for environmental monitoring, 75% for tactile or remote control of equipment, and 74% for industrial automation.

Among the respondents, 56% report that 5G is too early in its development to really begin making firm business plans, and the same number, 56%, are concerned that 5G will be too costly to implement in the near term. About 75% of the IT respondents to the new study expect they’ll be able to begin deploying 5G-based systems by 2021.

All things said, 5G looks to be a force for business leaders to reckon with. 84% the of respondents say that 5G networks will be transformative—and will have a lasting impact on the way their companies do business. 68% feel that new 5G-enabled services will prove transformative to their customers.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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