Drawbridge and LiveRamp Integrate Identity Offerings

Drawbridge and LiveRamp Integrate Identity Offerings (WATCH)

Drawbridge and LiveRamp Integrate Offerings

Personalized experiences across multiple devices and channels to be pushed by joint efforts of omnichannel identity solutions.

One of the leading providers of identity management solution, Drawbridge and LiveRamp a provider of omnichannel identity solution, are joining hands to deliver identity solution across the web. This collaboration will strengthen Drawbridge as one of the preferred partners of LiveRamp, when it comes to “probabilistic identity” to further extend based on which customer’s first party data can be used to deliver more personalized experiences, for consumers. These experiences can be in any form – either through more relevant ads or optimized experiences across devices and channels.

Speaking on this development, Founder and CEO of Drawbrige, Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan said, “Drawbridge is a leader in probabilistic identity, and LiveRamp is a leader in deterministic identity – we are integrating these solutions to enhance the precision and scale marketers’ can leverage to cast a wider net across their valuable audiences. We’re glad to be working with LiveRamp to build a truly viable solution for identity on the open web that helps marketers better understand, reach, and measure their audiences.”


When asked about what this partnership meant to LiveRamp, Co-President James Arra commented, “Deterministic identity resolution – and the precision it provides – provides the foundation for our customer’s people-based marketing initiatives. With this partnership, marketers who wish to do so can amplify their total reach by layering Drawbridge’s probabilistic capabilities on top of our own. This will allow our clients to engage with their customers at greater scale leveraging best of breed technology.”

Drawbridge uses machine learning techniques, for which they hold the patent, and this technology is used to develop identity solutions with extreme precision and highest coverage of consumer devices. This way businesses can get a better understanding of their customers/consumers and treat them as individuals. This partnership will be applicable to all global entities except in China and Japan. This is because Drawbridge has an existing partner in these two Asian countries.

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