LG to Launch Google Assistant-Powered ThinQ Speaker in 2018

LG to Launch Google Assistant-Powered ThinQ Speaker in 2018

LG to Launch Google Assistant-Powered ThinQ Speaker in 2018

Good news for the customers who love smart speakers, sound bar, or portable Bluetooth speakers! More options are available in the market and will definitely make customer decisions a little more difficult. Tech giant LG declared on December 27 that they are ready to release their new audio system with features including a Dolby Atmos-enabled sound bar, a premium AI speaker with Google Assistant, and a line of life-proof, portable speakers built to withstand the elements.

As of now, the two most popular options in the market are the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, but beginning this year, LG beat competitors, like Samsung, to the punch by announcing a smart speaker of its own.

At the annual CES show for all things tech in January, LG announced that they will launch a smart home speaker driven by Google Assistant which they named the LG ThinQ Speaker.

The aptly named ThinQ Speaker is being advertised as LG’s “first premium smart AI audio product” that pairs up as a stylish smart home hub. Also, the best feature is that the LG ThinQ Speaker is driven by Google Assistant, and LG cited that “it teamed up with Google directly to deliver the full Assistant experience.”

Google has already publicized at IFA 2017 that in the future, more third-party companies would be releasing smart speakers with Assistant.

Sony, Panasonic, and JBL are already struggling for attention, and there will be a lot of Assistant-powered speakers anticipated at CES 2018. LG seems to be aiming the fairly collegial upper-end of the market by focusing on audio quality as well as AI technology. In a press release published on 9to5Google, LG discussed its new partnership with British firm, Meridian Audio. LG says that Meridian’s “advanced high-performance audio technology” ensures that products such as the ThinQ Speaker are capable of delivering “more natural and warm sound.”

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