How to Successfully Thwart a Cyber Attack

How to prevent cyber attacks

Guest Contribution by Emily Roberts

Cybercrime costs businesses millions of dollars every year and can cause irreparable damage to a company’s reputation. To keep your organization safe from a cyber-attack.

Here are some of the best ways you can prevent an incident and handle the situation should you be faced with one.

Take Preventative Measures:

Preventing a cyber-attack is far easier than recovering from one, as there are many cybersecurity firms out there offering proactive solutions to keep your company safe. Working with an outsourced service provider will save you time learning about the myriad of new ways criminals can attack your company and leave you safe in the knowledge that you’re fully protected.

Store Your Content Securely:

Make sure that any media content is stored safely so that you can recover it in the event of a serious breach. A specialist data management software designed for the media and entertainment space is worth the investment if you want to protect your business. You can use something like Archiware which can offer you archiving and backup solutions that will keep your media content safe and ready for when you get your business back up and running.

Have An IT Procedure In Place:

Even if you don’t have an IT department, you should have a procedure in place in case of a cyber-attack. If you do have an IT team then they can prepare a full plan to keep your business safe, but for smaller organizations, it’s important that you have some form of rules in place so that staff knows what to do in the event of a cybersecurity breach. Train your staff on the basics of keeping your business safe in general, and give them a set procedure for if they see anything suspicious or your company comes under attack from a hacker.

Create Secure Passwords:

Password length is more important than complexity, so create long passwords using multiple words. You can use sentences such as song lyrics or movie titles so that you can roughly remember them, then add special characters and numbers to make the password even harder for hackers to crack. If you must write down your passwords, then keep them in a safe place and never share them with anyone you don’t completely trust.

Be Wary About the Security of Portable Technology:

Only give company phones, laptops and tablets to staff members you know are trustworthy and reliable, and make sure that they’re all protected and have strong passwords on them. In the event of theft make sure that you have an authentication system in place, or a remote solution that will allow you to wipe the content from your device.

Use Common Sense:

There are a variety of different scams that target businesses, so make sure that you and your staff use basic common sense. If you don’t know who you’re dealing with then ask for some verification, and if in doubt do not allow them access to your systems so that you don’t fall foul of a sophisticated scammer.

Whatever form of business you run, make sure that you’re prepared for a cyber-attack and ready to fight back if anyone does try to steal your data or damage your company.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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