Buddy Scalera on Visual Content and a Mobile-First World (WATCH)

Buddy Scalera on Visual Content and a Mobile-First World (WATCH)

Buddy Scalera

Buddy Scalera is a digital content strategist and visual storyteller with over 15 years of experience in storytelling, content development, and marketing. I had the privilege of talking to him at this year’s Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio. Beyond his insightful knowledge and solid experience in the industry, his attitude and enthusiasm for visual content development is quite contagious.

In our brief on-screen interview, Buddy shares his thoughts on some strategies marketers can use to create visual content for their audiences as well as how to control content in a growing mobile-first environment. His session at CMWorld on “Visual Content Strategy for Content Marketers” offered an action plan for developing a visual content strategy: 1) Deliver value through content; 2) Match your content to user journey; and 3) Control your visual content.

See the interview below.


His off-camera advice was just as good as his on-camera advice. If you want to make it in the very tricky but worthwhile world of content development, you have to keep at it, keep on learning, and keep on creating content. To do that, be the one to “close the bar.”

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the senior content manager for Bython Media Inc., a digital media and marketing agency whose web properties include TechFunnel.com and OnlineWhitepapers.com.
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