Amazon’s New Cashierless Store Uses AI to Check Out Your Stuff

Amazon’s New Cashierless Store Uses AI to Check Out Your Stuff

Amazon’s New Cashierless Store Uses AI to Check Out Your Stuff

Well, it looks like Amazon is all set to solve a long time problem – checkout lines. Shoppers in Seattle, Washington, eagerly geared up for the launch of the first store to eliminate cashiers – the  Amazon Go grocery store. The store opened its doors to the public on Monday, after a year long delay in launch.

So the first question that comes to mind is how does it work?

Before entering the Amazon Go store, a shopper must download the free Amazon app and link it to their Amazon shopping accounts. Once a shopper has the app, they can use their mobile device to check in using a QR code at the storefront before entering the sales floor. This check-in allows the store’s AI to track the items a shopper picks up. When their shopping is complete, a customer can simply walk out of the store, and the total value of their purchases will be charged to their Amazon account.

The Amazon Go Store will provide fast, fresh, and affordable food for busy shoppers. The company hopes to help consumers move away from processed and frozen goods even when they are in a time crunch. This is why the current selection of items for purchase is limited in comparison to a standard grocery store.

The launch of the first Go store marks the beginning of Amazon’s first round of consumer testing.

As of now, the retailer has no plans to expand technology into Whole Foods stores. In an interview with Reuters, Amazon VP Gianna Puerini said “We’d love to open more,” but Amazon has yet to announce additional locations. However, given the famed acquisition of Whole Foods that took place while this entire concept was under development, it is likely that this technology could be introduced into Whole Foods.

The only question that arises now is: Is this the future of retail shopping?

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
A dreamer, traveler, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she was a child. Apart from being a part-time writer, Megha is currently in college, pursuing B. Com. (Hons). Megha is an ardent follower of ‘Hardship, Hustle and Heart’ and firmly believes in the power of hard work and destiny!

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