Amazon Begins Massive Whole Foods Discount for Prime Members

Amazon Begins Massive Whole Foods Discount for Prime Members

Amazon is trying to make the most of its acquisition of Whole Foods which took place in August last year. The tech company has been giving out a lot of deals and discounts on groceries to its Prime members. Now it has announced a new discount of 10 percent on sale items along with other special bargains for the Prime members at their Whole Foods Market stores in 12 more states adding 121 stores to the list.

Prime members will be able to access the discounts through the Whole Foods Market app. The members will have to sign into the app using their Amazon account. While checking out at Whole Foods, they will have to scan the “Prime Code” inside the app. Items that are eligible for additional Prime member discounts will have unique signs in the Whole Foods stores. Amazon said that the deals would keep changing on a weekly basis on the products. For example, this week the discounts are available on products like Rotisserie chicken, raspberries, crackers and cookies, shrimp, and probiotics among other products.

Earlier this month, these deals were first announced at stores in Florida. The new 12 states which are added to the list are Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, northern Nevada, northern California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Also, Prime members will be able to access additional, free two-hour shipping on orders above $35. Over and above these discounts and free shipping, members will receive five percent cash back if they use their Amazon Prime rewards Visa Card.

Amazon has tried this new promotion by offering discounts to propel the reputation of Whole Foods as an affordable store for its customers, in an attempt to discard the reputation of Whole Foods as a “Whole Paycheck” store. Last year, after the acquisition, Amazon tried to cut the prices on many items at Whole Foods as part of its long move forward in physical retail stores.

Last Month, for the first time, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos disclosed the number of Prime members. He said that they have more than 100 million members globally.

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Tanuja Thombre
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