7 Pros and Cons of Using Speech Recognition in Business

7 Pros and Cons of Using Speech Recognition in Business

Pros and Cons of Speech Recognition for Business

Are you thinking of purchasing a speech recognition device to improve your business work?

Speech recognition technology is transforming the way we communicate and speeding up the amount of time it takes up to complete work. With its few drawbacks, though, is it a wise investment for you?

Voice recognition software is an amazing invention and has changed the way we communicate with each other. Although speech recognition technology is an excellent addition to help us communicate with each other more easily, it does come with some drawbacks. If you’re thinking of purchasing a speech recognition system, keep these pros and cons of speech recognition in mind before you spend big bucks on a speech recognition device that might not suit your needs.

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Pros of Speech Recognition for Business

Disabilities Help
One major way speech recognition technology is helping people is by allowing people with disabilities to type and operate computers. There are many people who can’t type or operate a computer with their hands because of an impairment. Speech recognition technology has opened up a whole new world for these people and has allowed them to continue to participate in our highly digitized society.

Another way speech recognition devices are very beneficial is because they seem to always know the correct spelling of words you’re using. Many people struggle with correct spelling and the correct use of a word, especially when it comes to words like to, too, and two and whether or weather. With voice recognition technology, these people no longer struggle with this and it saves them lots of time in the process.

Enhanced Speed
Voice recognition technology is also an amazing time-saver for people who do not type very well or fast. There are many people who are not great at typing and struggle to learn proper keyboard hand placement but have great ideas. Typing can be a painful process for these people and many get discouraged because they think much faster than they type. For these people, speech recognition devices can help them get their ideas on paper just as fast as they think of them.

Another way speech recognition technology is improving businesses is through its ability for people to add notes to files. In the medical sector, Voice Command Technology (VCT) is helping physicians file notation directly into a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). VCT in the medical sector has a built-in comprehensive medical vocabulary allowing physicians to accurately add critical notes to a patient’s files.

Cons of Speech Recognition for Business

One major con of voice recognition technology is having to train them to recognize individual voices when you first purchase them. Voice recognition devices take time to learn voices and the way different people speak. These devices require a lot of time and patience and they’re still vulnerable to mistakes, even after you’ve effectively taught it your voice and speaking style. For many speech recognition devices, even after a long training period, many people find that they still speak in an unnatural way and over-enunciate words.

Limited Vocabulary
While voice recognition technology recognizes most words in the English language, it still struggles to recognize names and slang words. With the limited vocabulary of speech recognition devices, it might not be worth the purchase if you’re continually having to go back over your work and fix many mistakes.

Voice recognition devices have been designed to help you speed up your work, but they are prone to mistakes and mishaps. These devices often take a bit to register what’s being said, which can be frustrating and interrupt your thought flow. Having many frequent pauses can easily put you in a bad mood and when it glitches, it can force you to have to abandon the technology to get your work done.

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