6 Ways to Get the Most from Sales Performance Dashboards

6 Ways to Get the Most from Sales Performance Dashboards

6 Ways to Get the Most from Sales Performance Dashboards

If you are a sales rep, what would you do to keep a check on your performance? The answer is quite simple – refer to a sales dashboard. You don’t want to scan through the detailed spreadsheets every time. Instead, dashboards form an integral part of the sales tool today. Dashboards serve the simple purpose of providing meaningful insights on sales performance and can also generate fast and meaningful information for crucial decision making.

Dashboards provide answers to important questions such as: What is your next big opportunity in the pipeline? How do you want to see your YTD revenue across multiple geographies? Yes, it is true that dashboards are very effective in the sales process. However, the critical element is if you know how to use these dashboards to gain the best results.

So, how can you start effectively applying the dashboard to your sales operations process. Here are six steps you can take to make the most out of your sales performance dashboards:

Step 1: You can be effective if you know your data. How much are you aware about your data? It is important to understand the relationship between your dashboard and the data. Understanding this relationship will open new opportunities for you which you likely thought to be redundant or a dead deal.

Step 2: Having multiple data sources is fine, but while you are connecting them to a dashboard, ensure that the dashboard covers all factors and elements. This is to ensure that maximum insight is captured in a single dashboard tool for easy access.

Step 3: While you are defining the metrics, try to define those parameters which can be aligned with your organization’s goal. Simple factors such as your lead-conversion ratio and other key performance indicators are elements that are directly connected to your company’s objectives.

Step 4: Along with the data, it is important to capture the information in a visual way. Having data that comes from multiple sources reflected on one dashboard can require specific requirements from each sales representative. This can be achieved by deploying interactive dashboards.

Step 5: While you are creating dashboards, ensure that the data is sourced in real time. This allows users to get the most recent insights to help them take calculative decisions.

Step 6: Unlike yesteryear in which sales reps had to wait for the corporate report, dashboards are the platform to which these sales reps can generate such reports at a moment’s notice and easily communicate. Interactive data elements and real time information is the best thing that any sales rep can ask for.

Want to close the deal? Want to hit those numbers consistently? You need all the data you can gather to empower you to achieve your objectives. Sales dashboards help you achieve all the important KPIs.

Want your dashboards to be more useful to your sales teams? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. Tips for Better Sales Performance Dashboards

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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