3 Benefits of Virtual Chief Information Officer in Business

3 Benefits of Virtual Chief Information Officer in Business

Benefits of Virtual Chief Information Officer in Business

How can a virtual chief information officer benefit your business?

If your company can’t afford to hire an in-house CIO, employing a virtual one is the best solution.

While having a CIO in a company is an essential role to fill, many businesses can’t afford to employ a dedicated, full time, on-premises chief information officer. That is where a virtual chief information officer can be a huge benefit. Employing a vCIO for guidance is becoming very popular for small and medium-sized businesses. A virtual chief information officer is a huge benefit to organizations who can’t afford a regular CIO because they provide businesses with the opportunity to operate more strategically by being a consultant on emerging technology and helping to create solutions that improve network stability.

A vCIO doesn’t just act as a guidance liaison that offers critical advice that business owners depend on. They can also act as a company’s chief information security officer to ensure the company is safe and well protected. So, what are the major benefits employing a virtual chief information officer can offer your company? Let’s look at some chief information officer duties a virtual CIO can provide.

Cost Savings

One major benefit a virtual chief information officer can provide is saving your business money. By not hiring in-house staff like a virtual CIO, your IT services will still be managed and maintained but at a lower price, saving your company lots of money. A virtual CIO can ensure that your business isn’t overspending on hardware and that your computer systems work efficiently together. A vCIO can also ensure that company team members are equipped with the right tools to effectively complete their jobs.

Planning and Analysis

Another benefit a virtual CIO offers is strategic planning and analysis for your company. Employing a virtual chief information officer allows technicians to work closely with you which helps them understand your business goals much more thoroughly. When technicians better understand your business goals, they are better to assist every aspect of your company and they are better able to proactively plan and develop technology initiatives and strategies that will help you meet your goals.


While an in-house CIO is essential to provide expertise to help your company stay safe and succeed, a virtual CIO can also provide this. By employing a virtual chief information officer, your company will have access to a team of experts, no matter where you are or how big your organization is. This team of experts will have the knowledge and talent you need to make sure your systems continue to run smoothly. By employing a virtual CIO, your company will benefit from an expert team who has years of IT experience in many diverse environments.

Does your company employ a virtual chief information officer to help you be more successful? If not now is the time to think about employing one. A virtual CIO can not only offer you cost savings, better strategic planning and analysis, and years of robust expertise but they can also offer you peace of mind. Now, what is better than that?

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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