How Important Is Native Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy?

How Important Is Native Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

No one really likes ads, except perhaps the marketers and creatives responsible for making them. The fact is, ads are annoying, especially the interstitials, banners, and video ads that make it virtually impossible to read an article or watch a video that has been clicked on. This makes it no

Uber Eats Has a New Order Tracking System Design

Order Tracking System

Uber Eats has rolled out a major app redesign that uses cute graphics to offer more detailed information on the progress of a food delivery order. Uber Eats currently operates in more than 300 locations across the U.S. and in hundreds of places around the world and has partnerships with more than

7 Reasons Programmatic Advertising Will be the Future of Media Buying

Future of Media Buying

Marketing professionals and executives are understanding the importance of following media advancements and advertising opportunities. The innovations include media exposure with strong potential ROI impacts, planning improvements for successful advertisements, and affiliate marketing opportunities. The future of media buying will provide avenues for promotions that make it nicer for those professionals

Importance of Winning App Key Strategy for App Radar

App Key Strategy for App Radar

A lot of content has been dedicated to helping businesses understand how to digitally market products or services, including everything from how to manage your marketing workflow to how to optimize SEO keywords to help improve a company’s likelihood of making it onto the first page of Google or Bing

3 Ways AI Bots Can Improve Your Marketing Automation Efforts

AI Bots

Marketing automation has helped to connect customers to product and services provided by companies and helped those same companies to streamline their marketing efforts allowing them to spend less time on operational execution and more on strategy and storytelling. There are lots of marketing automation programs available that now help

Can Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Boost Your Sales?

Can Amazon A9 algorithm Boost Your Sales?

Amazon algorithms help drive all the e-commerce that Amazon generates, connecting customers with sellers and products. One of the most famous algorithms is the process that drives the “customers also viewed” or “others also purchased” features that customers see when they’re interacting with a particular product or page on Amazon. While

How Good Art Can Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

How Good Art Can Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Marketing is key to getting your product or service in front of your target audience. This is done by different brands in different ways, but most brands will put an emphasis on design and art into their marketing. Visual elements make a big impact on marketing strategies. When you’re designing

Oracle and Tru Optik Strike Deal on Audience Data

Oracle and Tru Optik Strike Deal on Audience Data

Oracle Data Cloud is making its audience data available for over-the-top (OTT) marketing campaigns by joining forces with data-management and audience intelligence platform Tru Optik. Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace relies on data from the company’s OTT Household Graph, which encompasses more than 75 million homes. It is used by publishers, SSPs,

Women’s History Month Interview Series with Tina Wells, CEO & Founder, Buzz Marketing Group

Tina Wells Buzz Marketing Group

Women's History Month Interview Series 2019 Welcome to's interview series for Women's History Month where we are celebrating female executives, CEOs, business owners, and creators across various industries. Joining us today is Tina Wells. Tina Wells is the CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing Group, an agency that serves clients like Dell,

Leadspace Releases Leadspace for Ads

Leadspace Releases Leadspace for Ads

Leading B2B Customer Data Platform, Leadspace announced the launch of Leadspace for Advertising. Leadspace for Advertising is a platform which enables B2B marketers to execute highly-targeted digital ad campaigns that consistently drive pipeline and awareness, and improve the ROI of their digital advertising efforts. This new platform offers marketers and advertisers