Martech Week Recap (December 17-21) Watch Recent Martech News
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Martech Week Recap (December 17-21) IBM and Kronos Collaborating on AI in the Workplace Features and More Martech News (WATCH)

Martech Week Recap (December 17-21) Watch Recent Martech News

New product launches, new hires, and new events in the marketing technology industry that you may have missed this past week.

Sage Intacct Recognized by Glassdoor as One of the Best Places to Work in 2019

The market leader in cloud business management solutions, Sage, has recently announced that Sage Intacct has been recognized by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work in 2019. Continuing a long string of top workplace awards, Sage Intacct has always fostered a culture of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, and excellence.

New IBM Study Finds Greater Level of Trust and Connection with Blockchain

IBM has released a new study that estimates that 62% of automotive executives believe blockchain will become a disruptive technology for the auto industry by 2021. The study found that 54% of auto executives expect that new business models will influence investments in blockchain and highlighted how blockchain will introduce improvements and operational efficiencies in many areas within the auto industry.

LogMeIn Recognized as One of the Top-Rated Workplaces for “Best Company Culture” and “Best Companies for Women”

A leading provider of cloud-based connectivity, LogMeIn, Inc. has recently been recognized as one of the top-rated workplaces for best company culture and best companies for women. In the latest ranking released by Comparably, a compensation, culture, and career monitoring website, LogMeIn has won a total of ten Comparably awards to date, including their most recent accolades. In addition to their most recent awards, LogMeIn has received Best Company Happiness, Best Company Perks & Benefits, and Best Company Leadership from Comparably.

IBM and Kronos Collaborating on AI in the Workplace Features

Kronos, a developer of workforce management software, has announced that it will be collaborating with IBM to use AI for more effective HR management. The companies plan to combine IBM’s Watson Career Coach AI platform with Krono’s workforce management software suite, Workforce Dimensions. The hope with this collaboration is to help improve employee retention, especially for companies with hourly workers and high turnover rates.


Cisco and UBS to Host ESG Conference Call/Webcast for Financial Community

Cisco and UBS have announced that they will host an Environmental, Social, and Governance Conference Call/Webcast for the Financial Community on December 17th at 11 am.  The VP of Corporate Affairs at Cisco, Kathy Mulvany, along with Cisco’s Environmental Sustainability Lead, Darrel Sticker will provide an overview of Cisco’s CSR strategy, priorities and goals of the strategy, and explain why their CSR initiatives play an important role in value creation.

MicroStrategy Confirms Celso Oliveira as New Country Manager for Brazil

MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services, has recently confirmed Celso Oliveria as their new country manager for Brazil. Oliveria, formerly the general manager for Latin America at Quest, will be replacing Cynthia Bianco who left the position in October.

Ultimate Software Ranks #5 on List of Best Workplaces for Diversity

Leading provider of human capital management solutions in the cloud, Ultimate Software, has been ranked as Fortune’s fifth-best workplaces for diversity, 2018.  As a part of its diversity and inclusion training for their leadership-development program, Ultimate Software teaches employees how to recognize and avoid unconscious bias in the workplace and as part of their continued commitment to providing an inclusive workplace for all employees, the company also teaches employees how to have productive conversions that respect people as part of their new hire orientation program.

LogMeIn’s Bold360 Named a Gold Winner for Best New Product Feature of the Year

LogMeIn, one of the world’s 10 largest public software-as-a-service companies, has made headlines again as they’re named a gold winner for best product feature of the year.  LogMeIn’s engagement solution, Bold360, utilizes the power of AI to personalize and enhance every interaction, regardless of the problem, channel or device. Bold360 also offers companies the ability to deliver better, more consistent customer experiences seamlessly across agent-based, as well as AI-based, interactions.

Ultimate Software Unveils Slack App for HCM-Focused UltiPro

In a bid to enable organizations to accelerate HR processes and workplace interactions, Ultimate Software has unveiled Slack App for their HCM-focused platform, UltiPro. This new solution will enable UltiPro users to utilize the collaborative capabilities of the Slack platform while making UltiPro more interactive and information more accessible.

Red Hat Shareholder Suing to Stop $34 Billion Sale to IBM

Since announcing that it has been acquired by IBM for a whopping $34 Billion, Red Hat has filed a preliminary proxy statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to provide details and disclosures to its stockholders about the proposed transaction. The investigation of the Red Hat sale to IBM seeks to determine whether the company’s board of directors violated securities laws or breached their fiduciary duties to stockholders by failing to conduct a fair sales process of the company or to disclose all material information to stockholders in connection with the transaction.

Is “Director of Marketing Data” the New Role of 2019? According to IBM, It Is

As AI continues to redefine the modern marketer, IBM believes Director of Marketing Data will be the hottest new role of 2019. Thanks to AIs ability to change the nature of customer targeting and personalization, IBM believes the role of Director of Marketing Data will be just one of several AI-driven trends redefining modern marketing. In this new role, IBM believes directors will work with vendors and internal teams alike on data integration and creating processes for collecting data and combining that data to a customer data platform.

Accenture Acquiring Adaptly

To bolster Accenture’s Interactive Programmatic Services Offering, Accenture has entered negotiations to acquire Adaptly. Adaptly is a digital media services company that enables brands to manage data-driven campaigns across prominent digital advertising channels and platforms. With this acquisition, Accenture seeks to help advertisers drive better business outcomes with their improved Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services.

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