Kronos and IBM Collaborating on AI in the Workplace Features
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IBM and Kronos Collaborating on AI in the Workplace Features

Kronos and IBM Collaborating on AI in the Workplace Features

Kronos and IBM announced a collaboration that will bring together the next-generation capabilities of Workforce Dimensions by Kronos and IBM Watson Talent.

Kronos will make use of IBM’s Watson technology, which will act as a career coach within its software. The company is rolling out an AI engine named AIMEE. According to Kronos, AIMEE is designed to analyze organizational data in real-time to provide insights to managers and employees. The AI system is also geared for predicting flight risk, high-potential employees, fatigue and succession planning.

Through the collaboration, Kronos and IBM will bring Watson Career Coach AI to hourly workers. Watson will be delivered through a private bot that works via workers mobile devices. IBM said the Watson bot will learn from the employee and interact to develop, train and ultimately retain workers. Hourly workers have high turnover rates and Kronos is hoping to use its software, which touches 40 million hourly workers a day, to help customers retain them.

The collaboration will include the Watson Career Coach technology leveraging Workforce Dimensions data to deliver communications and workforce management, including shift scheduling, personalized training recommendations, and career path coaching powered by Watson AI – all accessible over mobile devices.


“The Kronos-IBM collaboration helps employees and managers navigate common but often-challenging workforce management situations quickly and more naturally. The power of Workforce Dimensions and Kronos D5 combined with the intelligence of IBM Watson allows everyone to work smarter by understanding the intent beyond common time and attendance or scheduling questions, suggesting a path forward for development and mutual success,” said Michael May, Senior Director, Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Program, Kronos

“Together, IBM and Kronos are leveraging the power of Watson AI and Kronos leadership in workforce solutions to improve the engagement, development, and growth of hourly workers and to provide actionable insight to the people who manage them,” said Aarti Borkar, Vice President of Product Management and Design, IBM Watson Talent. “The opportunity to serve this important segment of our global workforce, and the enterprises who rely on hourly workers, is significant and a major commitment for both our companies.”

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