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Martech Week Recap (October 1-5): Findera Announces New Search Engine for Professionals and More Martech News (WATCH)

Martech Week Recap (August 20-24)

New product launches, new hires, and new events in the marketing technology industry that you may have missed this past week.

Findera Announces New Search Engine for Professionals

Findera has announced the launch of a new search engine that is designed to help millions of business professionals succeed. The new search engine will give employees, employers, and customers the capability to find good people for the purpose of business. Profiles of 130 million professionals are loaded into the search engine by various criteria.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Announces Partnership with Flashtalking

For most advertisers, establishing a single console to verify and measure the performance of delivery of advertising and media buys is increasingly difficult. Many platforms limit access to data and independent functions of measurement. Adobe Advertising Cloud wants to give advertisers more control in this regard. They recently announced a partnership with Flashtalking. Through their joint efforts, advertisers will be able to analyze data in ways that are useful to them.

Linkfluence Purchases

Linkfluence, a social listening player, has announced the acquirement of Scoop.It, a content monitoring software. Along with that, the company has appointed’s co-founder as its new CEO and raised $21 million from two growth funds.


AMG/Parade Promotes Monique Kakar

The EVP of New Ventures and Business Development at AMG/Parade, Tracey Altman, recently announced the promotion of Monique Kakar to the role of SVP and CMO Digital. In this new role, Kakar will work to ensure the company’s digital marketing initiatives reach the right target audience effective while at the same time attracting advertisers for the brand.

SendGrid Announces Joining of New CMO

Customer communication platform, SendGrid, has announced the hire of Carrie Palin as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Palin takes on the new role after previously serving as Senior Vice President and the very first Chief Marketing Officer at Box. Prior to being at Box, Palin gained extensive experience at both IBM and Dell.

Connecthings Launches Augmented Location Platform, Herow

Location-based mobile application solutions company, Connecthings, has launched a new augmented location platform called Herow. The new application offers both marketers and mobile app developers the ability to gain insights into users with the aim of delivering better personalized mobile experiences.

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