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Connecthings Launches Augmented Location Platform, Herow


Location-based mobile application solution provider Connecthings announced the launch of a new augmented location platform. Dubbed Herow, the platform provides mobile application developers and marketers with the tools and user insights needed to transform the way they deliver customized mobile user experiences.

Connecthings conducted a survey of over 1000 mobile users to understand the state of mobile application usage. Per the results, approximately 60% of respondents said they believe mobile experiences should be customized to their wants, needs, and location, and over 40% believe applications should be “smart” enough to anticipate needs and wants based on their location and behavioral patterns.

Here are the key insights that Herow provides:

1. Precise location

Beyond a pin drop on a map, Herow identifies if a user is at home, at work, at the gym, shopping or one of many other semantic descriptions.

2. Real-time data

Herow senses if a user is sitting still at home, in motion shopping, or commuting on a bus or subway.

3. Context of user surroundings

Herow incorporates information about a user’s surroundings – such as the weather, nearby users or traffic conditions – to draw conclusions about how to augment mobile experiences.

Marketers and app developers can make use of these insights to better customize their user experience and provide enhanced services.

“As mobile technology advances, users demand richer experiences. They want ‘smart’ applications that seamlessly understand their behavior, anticipate their needs, offer appropriate and useful solutions, and enhance daily life,” said Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, founder and CEO of Connecthings. “Herow is at the intersection of data, places and people – it’s all about the here and now. This approach has a positive impact on mobile applications. We’re seeing up to 15 percent increase in user retention, as well as three times higher engagement rates on applications with augmented location.”

Herow’s user interface allows marketers to easily build targeted campaigns and mobile experiences without much technical expertise. The power-efficient software development kit delivers precise location data without draining mobile battery life. They do, however, take into account the privacy regulations and provide user data security.

“Privacy is extremely important to Connecthings. We’ve been GDPR compliant since the beginning,” Anthoine said. “While many other companies are in the business of sharing and selling consumer location information, our data is used only by our customers’ applications to anticipate user needs and wants, then offer relevant, timely experiences, always with privacy in mind.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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