Findera Announces New Search Engine for Professionals
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Findera Announces New Search Engine for Professionals (WATCH)

Findera Announces New Search Engine for Professionals

Recruitment is an extremely tedious process, but San Francisco based startup, Findera, has found a solution to this age-old problem.

Findera has launched a simpler and cheaper solution for finding potential employees in the form of a free search engine optimized for business professionals. Findera claims it is the first search engine designed for the recruitment purpose. The company’s investors include Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and Salesforce and Visa Board Member Maynard Webb.

The search engine is designed so that users can launch a single structured search with multiple attributes in addition to keywords such as name, location, position, department, time in a position, company name and size, revenue and other factors. On this platform, users can surf through 130 million professionals, bookmark people and add to custom lists. These lists can also be exported to spreadsheets or shared with team members.


At the onset, it sounds a lot like LinkedIn. However, it’s goal and backend functionality is quite different.

To clarify the difference between the two platforms, Findera’s Chief Operating Officer and co-founder Christophe Daligault said, “BTW, you can’t search for VP’s of HR at companies with more than $50 in revenue in Linkedin today. And if you pay for their premium subscription service, then you still would not be able to do that in one search. You would have to first search for companies with more than $50M in revenue and then search for VPs of HR within those companies. This is perfectly fine if you are in a sales role and willing to pay $79 a month.”

“The ‘fabric of work’ is changing. Work relationships are more fluid, decentralized, and autonomous. Professionals need an efficient way to develop their most important professional relationships,” Daligault added. “A free search engine provides a fresh alternative to time-consuming social networks and costly specialized services. Findera empowers all business professionals, including recruiters, business owners, consultants, business development and sales professionals, regardless of the size of their company and their budgets.”

“Finding the right people is the starting point for most business endeavors. Unfortunately, this can be more difficult than it should be,” said Cindy Padnos, founder and Managing Partner of Illuminate Ventures. “As a venture capitalist, a critical part of my role is helping our founders connect with top professionals at many companies. Finding the connections I seek is amazingly fast and easy with Findera.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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