A Video Marketing Guide: Know What is Best For You
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A Video Marketing Guide: Know What is Best For You

What Types of Videos Work Best for Video Marketing

There are various campaigns in which videos are perfect to implement, and it is crucial to analyze what makes such videos successful in their general approach.

There are thousands of videos that surface on the internet every day. These videos range in both quality and length. It’s safe to say that we have certain preferences about the content we prefer to watch and that it is critical for video marketers to understand and consider when developing their strategies. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to optimize marketing content, and videos are making impactful inroads into overall technology. There are certain aspects of videos that draw us to brands.

Marketers use several different video campaign types in their strategic approach. Here are the three most popular:

1. Awareness Campaign: The goal of this campaign is to increase the public’s awareness of a brand, product, or service. Companies will use digital ads through different platforms, but videos are an ideal way to attract consumers. Users will drift toward attention-grabbing content that is easily shareable. We are living in a time where we would rather watch something to learn more than flip through a magazine or book or listen to the radio.

2. Engagement Campaign: Videos are used in engagement campaigns to convince consumers that they should engage with a product, service, or idea. The average video length people around the world watching is around 2.7 minutes, so length really matters. Users want something straight and to the point when attempting to learn more about a new topic. Examples include how-to tutorials, webinars, and tip series. Through repeated exposure, viewers grow more confident in making a future purchase.

3. Conversion Campaign: This type of campaign is more centered around companies that want to instill a sense of clarity and reassurance for potential consumers. Some of the types of videos include Q&A sessions, customer reviews, and unboxing videos. These videos give the brand more value, as opinions from respected reviewers serve to justify purchases or subscriptions.

The use of videos in marketing has become a new staple in the world of technology, and with the rise of video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Netflix, it may be the perfect time to use video campaigns.

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced writer for various technology, law, and political news outlets, he has shown great potential in his writings and hopes to continue developing his skills. With the goal of becoming an established lawyer and writer, Mohammad is determined to help those in need on both ends of the spectrum.

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