Trends in Video Marketing to Know for 2021

By Aileen Padua - Last Updated on January 27, 2021
Article describing about trends in video marketing

From 30-second ads to creating vlogs, we can say that video marketing has reached a peak of innovation and necessity when it comes to digital marketing.

Here are the video marketing trends that should be taken into consideration for every business in 2020.

  1. Live video streaming

    Probably the most common trend that’s used as a marketing tool as of this year. Streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all have features that allow users to start a live video stream. This is how other users interact with one another and communicate. However, there are other trends to consider for your marketing strategy. Sit tight, and we will explain.

  2. Homepage videos on the rise

    Think of homepage videos as a virtually interactive way for users to take a sneak peek at what your business offers. It is almost like a movie trailer you promote for your brand. One of the reasons for its notoriety would be due to the idea of teasing users that could be potential customers. In hindsight, it’s a teaser for the audience, which will lead to curiosity about what your business has to offer.

  3. Approachable explainer videos

    Just like educational videos, explainer videos show problems and solutions. It will grow even more in 2020 because of how much of an approachable medium it is for new and older customers. Using explainer videos will allow your business to flourish with marketing because of the establishment of brand personality.

  4. Full 360° video experience

    This feature is pretty interesting, especially if you want to use it for video marketing. 360° video allows viewers to experience virtual interaction with a video by featuring views from different angles of the video itself. This allows more control for the user throughout the video.

  5. Personalized 1:1 video experience

    Although it’s been a trend, “one-on-one” videos tend to take customers on a personal level. Hence the term “one-on-one”. One reason it will continue throughout this year is that it provides explanatory information that might be useful to your audience.

  6. “Shoppable” videos

    This allows viewers to buy what they want as soon as they see it. Nowadays, people tend to have short attention spans when it comes to getting their attention through digital media. When creating “shoppable” videos, remember to keep content short, but aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Video formats becoming more popular

    This type of video format is already trending. If you want to reach out to a slightly younger audience, then using vertical and square formats for video marketing is the right tool. Typically, these video formats drive a lot of attention because of how fast-paced the world has become. In hindsight, it’s easier for users to get users engaged when setting up video ads in a square or vertical video format.

  8. Influencer video marketing

    Influencers have always been a trend when it comes to marketing. However, this year marketing has skyrocketed due to how much impact they bring into video marketing. From social media posts(1) to vlogging about daily life on their YouTube channels, influencers will always be a helpful tool in promoting products for your brand.

  9. Marketing videos in email marketing

    Typically, customers on an email list want to receive messages that will keep them subscribed to your business. With the use of videos, users will likely be interested in the content you create since videos are obviously engaging enough for them to keep subscribing to your brand.

  10. Video marketing across multi-channel

    Providing more variety for customers is a great approach to effective video marketing. When you apply multichannel video marketing, make sure you go through different channels of sales such as the following:

    • Direct Sales
    • Sales through Retailer
    • Sales through Wholesaler
    • Sales Through Agent

    All in all, the purpose of multichannel video marketing offers more options for customers as well as experience what your brand has to offer with a unique and technically modern approach.

  11. Sales and marketing personalized videos

    By personalizing videos for sales and marketing purposes, customer satisfaction will likely increase due to the time and effort you put into making personalized content for them. It’s no wonder why certain brands have good customer service as well as excellent loyalty programs. Take note of that.

  12. Everyone is vlogging

    Even though this isn’t the first time people have been vlogging, what we mean by this is that most people are starting to vlog more content for their brand. Vlogging tends to provide viewers with more visual access and strike up more interest with the content provided.

  13. Expansive training and education videos

    Just like one-on-one videos, training, and education videos will start to be part of the video marketing trend of this year. This will allow trainees and employees to learn visually and verbally throughout a video.

  14. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook = more and more stories

    This means that there will be even more stories posted on social media. Ever since the release of Snapchat, other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have jumped on the bandwagon with social media stories. This is a way to get the attention of your audience since everything with digital media occurs at a fast pace.

  15. Media platforms with more video

    This goes for the majority of media platforms. More videos will expand because all things that revolve around video marketing are paving the way for a new kind of solution for marketing.

  16. Expansive video dimensions

    Although there are 360° dimension features, other video dimensions including AR and VR technology are on the rise as well. Brands can easily produce interactive video content through different video dimensions to improve customer engagement.

  17. Longer than 15-seconds, anybody?

    There is an increasing number of brands that create an average of 15-second video ads. The longer and more immersive an ad become, the longer your ad will get noticed by potential customers.

  18. Implementing soundless social videos

    Now we’re not saying that the 1920s trend is coming back, but soundless social videos are perfect for users that are watching your brand’s video in public. When providing captions, this will also accommodate social media users who choose not to watch videos with sound. Hence, the perks of soundless social videos.

  19. Longer Ads

    As mentioned before, longer ads are now part of the marketing trend. Yes, this generation does tend to skip over an ad after five seconds but depending on the content that catches one’s eye will keep a person around for a good 15 to 30 seconds.

  20. Instagram Stories

    As more social media stories begin to dominate, let’s not forget the most famous platform that carries out the most engagement. Instagram stories are likely to stick around this year as more brands begin to dominate the platform with short engaging and aesthetically pleasing posts on their stories.

  21. Google Ads

    This is another trend that will help your business efficiently by reaching your target audience. It’s important to make your content stand out and creating video campaigns with Google Ads can give you access to optimizing your brand.

  22. Budget-friendly video production

    You don’t need a big budget to create the perfect video. Nowadays, a majority of marketers keep things wallet-friendly, which makes it more possible to get content created sooner than later. Besides that, taking the expression, “less is more” for granted will actually boost up marketing for your business. Becoming more budget-friendly with video marketing will allow you to prioritize more needs that can contribute to an effective marketing strategy.

The Future of Marketing is in Video

Moreover, video marketing is part of the future of marketing. With several solutions to choose from, finding the perfect strategies to execute your marketing campaign for 2020 will sail smoothly. Based on the video marketing trends that covered here we are pretty sure that you’ll be all set and ready for future video marketing strategies.

Aileen Padua | Aileen Padua is an aspiring social media coordinator. She is currently majoring in Advertising at Fresno State University. With her understanding about the power of social media, Aileen is passionate about preserving and enhancing the image of one’s reputation in the public eye.

Aileen Padua | Aileen Padua is an aspiring social media coordinator. She is currently majoring in Advertising at Fresno State University. With her understanding a...

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