Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns That You Need to Know about
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Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns That You Need to Know about

Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns That You Need to Know about

More people than ever before are accessing information online from their phones – in fact, almost 48% of global internet traffic is done on mobile devices. Smart marketers know that creating advertising and marketing messaging that reach their audiences where they spend the most time is critical to getting their brand recognition and ultimately gaining customers, clients, or support and driving revenue.

That’s why mobile marketing has grown in importance. It’s not enough to simply design for desktop and concept for print and hope that the message translates on digital. You have to design for mobile – not just graphically, but conceptually. Your marketing has to be cohesive while also being specific.

These mobile marketing campaigns might change your strategy

Here’s how brands pull off their mobile marketing.


IKEA’s catalog is a good example of a good mobile marketing campaign by turning a user’s smartphone into an interactive catalog. Scanning a page of the physical catalog allowed for customers to see extra features; it also served as an AR tool, allowing customers to virtually place products in their space and see what it would look like. This provided a lot of value to the customer and was therefore very engaging and successful.

Ford Motor Company

The car company, Ford, launched a marketing campaign that encouraged users to use their mobile devices to get more information. All they had to do was send a text and someone would follow up with them, capitalizing on the user’s desire to do less work for more information. Sometimes offering a simple solution can be the most engaging.


Another car company, another good mobile marketing example. Nissan launched an interactive video again campaign that engaged mobile users. Not only was the content engaging (a video of an SUV battling snowmen, not only giving users an entertaining experience they are used to getting from their smartphones but also subtly messaging that this SUV can handle any adverse weather conditions), it allowed customers to use their touchscreen to get more information about the car’s feature throughout the video. utilizing the unique features of the device (in this case touch screen) are a brilliant way of getting fantastic results from mobile.


This company encouraged its customers to think differently about how a company could help you by combining print and mobile to driving a more comprehensive approach to child safety. Magazine ads contained a removable “protect strip” that parents could attach to their child’s arm or write when outside. The mobile app allowed parents to set an area that their child shouldn’t stray out of and the bracelet communicated those boundaries back to the app. If the child went outside the boundary, the app alerted parents. In short, customers felt like they were actually being helped, instead of just product-marketed to. With a positive relationship established, parents were more likely to think of Nivea when considering other kid safety needs, as the sunscreen Nivea sells.

The best mobile advertising campaigns take the user on a journey and create an engaging experience, rather than just appearing on their screen or not providing value. By offering simplicity and usefulness, these mobile marketing campaigns allowed companies to better connect with their audiences. Take some inspiration from these mobile marketing campaigns and help boost your brand’s mobile presence and digital ad engagement. Ask yourself, “Can our products or services work in this method? Does this concept make sense for our brand? How can we use these techniques creatively without copying exactly?” Let the work of others inspire your own work and keep creating connections with customers through compelling mobile advertising campaigns that tell the best story in the right medium.

Marianne Chrisos
Marianne Chrisos
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a company near Dallas and contributing writer around the internet. She earned her master's degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago and has worked in publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and content strategy.