The Global Marketing Trends in 2021

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on January 27, 2021
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The future of marketing isn’t affecting companies across the U.S., but rather around the world. With the trends going on within the marketing world, it’s time to take a look into what are the current global marketing trends.

Global Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

  • Leading with a Purpose

    Every company should lead by example. In this case, you want to lead the purpose of your brand; going by your company’s promise. This shows consumers that you’re committed and invest in their needs. Hence, it’s important to come up with a value-centric brand purpose that sounds straightforward and genuine.

  • Valuing the Most Important Assets of your Organization

    When you value important assets, consider what makes your company great. Ask yourself, “what is this company notorious for, and how can we move forward in making it better?” Doing so will make your marketing tactics easier, and benefit you over time.

  • Conversational Marketing is a Must

    Conversational marketing is a one-on-one connection that customers and businesses often have nowadays. If you want to dominate the marketing world, start with conversational marketing. Every business should take a personal approach towards consumers because it enhances a customer’s experience when marketing efforts make it about them.

  • Implement Video Marketing

    Video marketing has become one of the top trends dominating the marketing world. When implementing video marketing, you’re one step closer to promoting technological advances for your company.

  • Use A.I.

    Artificial Intelligence continues to be on a roll with marketing trends. Using Artificial Intelligence into your marketing strategy will create more engaging customer services for your business. The future is here, and it’s here to stay.

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  • Influence Marketing with B2B

    When you influence your marketing with B2B, think about other businesses that your business has partnered with. When it comes to B2B or business-to-business marketing, you’re reaching out to an audience that’s beyond your typical consumer audience.

  • Visual Search Applications

    Just like artificial intelligence, visual search applications continue to dominate the marketing industry. Visual search applications improve search engines and customer experience. Hence, why it’s a good tactic to use with your marketing. Marketing visual search applications for your company will invite more customers to use it and increase the recognition of your company’s brand.

  • Web Apps are Progressing

    Progressive web applications make your company’s media more available to more customers. Whether it’s a mobile version of your business’s website, developing progressive web applications using HTML, CSS or JavaScript will increase marketing revenues.

  • Elevate your Customer Experiences

    Improving customer experience is always a great way to elevate your marketing. From experiential retail to visual searches, having better customer experience over time is what makes a successful business. One way that you can elevate customer experience is to engage with your customers online on social media.

  • Leveraging User-Generated Content

    Having user-generated content is another innovative way to increase the attraction of your business as well as create more improvement over time. When applying leverage to user-generated content, create polls, or ask questions of social media to hype the engagement of users and potential customers.

  • Amplify your Consumer Participation to Unlock New Values

    When amplifying customer participation, you’re opening up new values that can be applied to your brand. Many global brands use this tactic because this is a way for them to keep up with other competitive brands and pave the way for a dynamic two-way engagement between product life cycles and consumer journeys.

  • Consider Adopting Programmatic Advertising

    It’s been known that programmatic advertising has become a stable for digital marketing strategies of businesses. If you plan to apply programmatic advertising, think about the perks that it will give your marketers such as making most of their time and budgets. Another way to use programmatic ads is through social media.

Final Thoughts

Overall, global brands should take initiative when it comes to taking on new trends for marketing strategies. When it comes to global marketing(1), it’s important to think about how you want to sell your products to consumers worldwide.

If you haven’t already, take advantage of this time of modern technology and adapt to the conditions of other countries into your marketing tactics. Think about what kind of web applications are right for your company or figure out how visual search and A.I. can fit into your brand.

Whichever trend you decide to go with, one of the most important things to remember is considering what your consumers want from you as a business, and how you should fulfill their needs and expectations with your brand.


Aileen Padua is an aspiring social media coordinator. She is currently majoring in Advertising at Fresno State University. With her understanding about the power of social media, Aileen is passionate about preserving and enhancing the image of one’s reputation in the public eye.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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