New Trends in Display Advertising to Know

By Miguel Pobre - Last Updated on January 27, 2021
Display Advertising Trends

With people spending more time online, digital advertisers must continue to develop new strategies to approach and connect with their customer base. Brand marketers are improving their methods to reach their target audiences. As these methods become increasingly more accessible and effective, opportunities are being given to company representatives to incorporate many elements of humanity.

Visualization helps the human perspective and humans respond better to visual data and information. These visual cues can lead to other methods to bring consumers into a brand’s space. A brand’s method of communication to their audience is important to consumer retainment.

Visual communication(1) is an efficient way to connect to their consumer base.

Display Advertising Trends that will be prominent throughout 2020 and beyond.


  • Mobile Advertising

    With mobile advertising becoming more accessible to small and large companies alike, the rise in mobile ads will continue to increase. With the partnership of Instagram and Facebook, both platforms provide an easy to use format to create digital ads.

    As the rise of new social media platform TikTok skyrockets, ads are being placed in between posts as well as on the homepage of the app. More brands and companies continue to push out advertisements on these channels and will be an important trend as online digital ad strategies unfold.

  • Omni-Channel Marketing

    In addition to mobile ads becoming easily accessible, the platforms that media can advertise on has increased as well. It is not uncommon to see a traditional newspaper create content online on multiple channels. It is easy now to see different content from a company ranging from a physical product to content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok etc.

    This can also include visuals such as Youtube or audio content in the form of a podcast. Implementing new strategies on every channel available will help brands reach across new audiences as well as build a better connection with their current following.  Regardless of the channel, brands can market to new audiences with content throughout multiple platforms.

  • Online Privacy Awareness 

    It’s become more important than ever to keep one’s online presence safe. Moving forward, marketers will need to adapt new strategies to acquire and use customer data in a way that will diffuse privacy concerns. As 2020 moves along, being aware of new privacy policies and processes will be requirements for all brand representatives. Showing customers this awareness can help provide more security and trust into one’s brand.

  • Unique Advertising Displays 

    Along with traditional photo and video advertisements, including new methods will help digital brands catch the eye of new and current customers.It is important to use all new technology to capitalize on the visual effect it has on customers.

    Technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360 degree visual content can help elevate brands to new heights. Using attractive content like this can help elevate brands throughout 2020 and will be a prominent trend moving forward.

  • Sponsored & Influenced Content

    Influenced and sponsored content will be very important to companies looking into building their brand in the future. As adblockers are on the rise, having content in the form of less-intrusive information can help retain customer bases.

    By using promoted posts in customers feeds, they can reach different target audiences using quick and efficient advertising methods. As influencers become popularized as time goes on, this is an easy way for companies to reach an audience they may not reach without the help of a popular figure.

    This is an efficient way for an influencer to create content and also help showcase their connection to a brand. This is also another way for brands to post content in a place that isn’t their own channel.

  • Smart Device Implementation 

    Specifically, voice activation advertising continues to climb. With the sales of smart home devices going up, companies are looking to take up that ad space territory to capitalize on that niche. Hearing the advertisements can lead to content views on other platforms.

    Relating back to using multiple channels, this is another ad space that marketers should look to see trending throughout 2020.

  • One-to-One Messaging

    As communicators, it’s vital for digital advertisers to use different communication methods. Using visual trends that communicate with one-to-many, it’s important to show care for their customers using one-to-one messaging.

    On many websites, one can see the rise in chatbots and chat support services implemented to help customers out. Even the visual cue of having support and service can help customers know that they are appreciated and seen by brands. These services will continue to provide visual support for customers for companies moving forward.

  • Re-Marketing Ads

    When customers see familiar visual content, they can be more inclined to approach that brand and company. Since this category of advertisements doesn’t look directly like an advertisement, it’s easier to be accepting of it. Since they are built within content that is already being consumed, it’s seen more as complimentary than an intrusive ad.

    This will give consumers a relevant experience when they are shown more content related to the company they are looking at. This gives consumers another opportunity at a personalized experience by being shown relatable content again.

  • Native Advertising 

    When consumers are viewing content that may not be relative to a certain brand or company, they can still be around content related to another company. Recommended or related content near the content that a consumer is looking at can always help show brands and companies being relative. This familiar content will give the look and feel of greater acceptance. This can be a catalyst for bringing consumers back into the environment that a company wants them to be in.

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Final Thoughts

The digital and display advertising industry continues to rapidly soar to new heights. Communication is incredibly important when building a relationship and this especially counts for a relationship between a consumer and brand. As technology and digital services continue to expand and grow, trends through advertising prove to be the most effective way to showcase a brand or company’s message. This raising of awareness can be a brand’s strongest weapon to gain insight, traction and views to their content.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a minor in Business Administration. Alongside writing, Miguel has a passion for photography and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Jou...

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