7 Ways Companies Can Benefit from Podcast Advertising

By Danni White - Last Updated on March 6, 2020
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As you are likely aware, podcasts have become a popular tool and a great source for marketing efforts. They are a somewhat unique approach to advertisements. The benefits of podcast advertising are like those of display advertising as podcast advertising is display advertising for audio.

Perhaps you are considering adding this type of advertisement to your marketing strategy but you, or your boss, are not certain that it is worth the investment. If that is you, read on for seven ways companies can benefit from podcast advertising.

Large and New Audiences

These days, very few people have time to really sit and read a book or blog post, but they still have the desire to learn. Digital Podcasts and audiobooks have become a common solution to this problem. People may not have time to stop and read, but they often have time to listen especially while driving around, exercising, or participating in other physical activities. In fact, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the last month, making it as heavily used as Twitter. That is a very large audience that your business can market to that you may not have access to through other avenues.

Increases Exposure and Brand Awareness

Since the audience is larger, your business gains more exposure and more brand awareness. And, because podcasts do not stuff a bunch of ads in, you are not competing for so much attention, keeping you on the listener’s mind. Even better, most listeners will subscribe to their favorite podcasts meaning that they consistently hear about your brand.

Podcasts Are Highly Targeted to Their Niche

Though blogs and websites are usually targeted to a niche, they may cover a variety of topics. This is not a bad thing, but podcasts take targeting to a new level. With so many podcasts available, hosts tend to get extraordinarily specific about what the podcast is about. They want to gain attention and a regular audience, so they try to keep their podcasts centered around one topic. With this highly targeted industry, you can make sure that your advertisements are reaching the right type of audience.

More Engaging

It is a well-known fact that video is a very effective advertising tool. Podcasts are as well because audio has very similar effects to video. The audience feels much more connected to the speaker of a podcast than to the writer of a blog post because the speaker is literally speaking to them. They can hear the emotion and excitement of the host, which can affect their mood. Podcasts can make listeners feel as though they are in a close relationship or friendship to the speaker.

Influencer Marketing

Podcast listeners, and especially subscribers, trust the podcast host- these people are influencers in their niches. If a speaker is an ambassador for your brand, their listeners will feel more comfortable doing business with you. They will also most likely check your business out just to see what it is about, which leads to more exposure.

Higher Revenue

If the above benefits have not yet convinced you, this fact should: approximately 62% of listeners make purchases due to podcast advertising. That is a high number of sales. By adding podcast advertising to your marketing strategy, your business should see a substantial increase in sales.

Quick and Easy to Create

There are two ways to use podcasts to advertise. One is to buy ad space on an active podcast that is in your niche. The other is to start one for your business. This will not only increase brand awareness but also allow your audience to get to know your brand on a deeper level. The great thing is that they are quick and easy to create. There are many tutorials that teach you how to start a podcast, so, there is no need to be overwhelmed.

The use of podcast advertising in your marketing strategy can be an excellent step in increasing brand awareness and business revenue. The benefits far outweigh the effort it takes to set them up, and most businesses see a high ROI. Gather your marketing team to discuss the benefits, develop a new strategy, and check out the best advertising podcasts available.

Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at TechFunnel.com, a top B2B digital destination for C-Level executives, technologists, and marketers. Bython Media is also the parent company of OnlineWhitepapers.com, BusinessWorldIT.com, List.Events, and TheDailyPlanIOT.com.

Danni White

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at TechFunnel.com, a top B2B digital destin...

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