Anchor Can Turn Your Podcasts Into Video
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Anchor Can Turn Your Podcasts Into Video

Anchor Can Turn Your Podcasts Into Video

A popular application for podcasting gets a new and crucial tool for the social media driven world: a visual transcript turned into video.

Last week, podcast app Anchor announced the launch of a new feature for his users: Anchor Videos. This feature allows users to create and edit a transcription of their podcast and the app will produce a video that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Indeed, it is a clever idea for those who want to reach a massive number of social media users for whom video is king.

Anchor Videos creates a transcript version of the words of a podcast and allows users to edit it. The feature is far from perfect. The Verge reports that a project done for them by Anchor showed several transcript errors and misspellings. But automated transcriptions from audio have never been easy, so the possibility of editing the visual transcript is key to the success of the new feature.

Anchor Videos aims to give users of the “Snapchat of podcasts” a marketing tool to drive listeners to their podcasts. It is still to be known if the feature will take traction between podcasters around the globe because is better suited to shorter podcasts, but as Jon Fingas pointed out on Engadget, “You could even use it to create short commercials for longer podcasts.”

Anchor is made for audios up to 5 minutes that disappear after 24 hours, hence the comparison with Snapchat.

The very young app launched last year and the feature was designed to meet one of the top concerns podcasters noted on the platform: to bring more competitive ways to market podcasts. “Literally since we started Anchor, one of the biggest things we heard from podcasters is that audio is really tough to share on social media,” said Mike Mignano, Anchor co-founder and CEO told The Verge last week.

Anchor videos come in three different sizes: “wide (16:9, perfect for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook); square (1:1, perfect for Instagram); and story (9:16, perfect for Instagram Stories),” according to an Anchor’s post on Medium.

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