Career Options You Can Gain from a Web Development Degree

Web Development Degree

Guest Contribution from Anton Lacoss

A web development degree is one of the most sought-after degrees because of the increasing demands on computer system literacy and digital expertise. The rising demand shows a growing need for people who can develop online platforms for businesses.

So, once you decide to learn programming courses and to focus on getting yourself a web development degree, you are opening up your life to many exciting opportunities.

However, you have to check your possible options first. Here are the career options you can choose from:

  • Web Developer

A web developer is a professional responsible for creating the facilities required for a web property to run online. This means that they are familiar with the schematics of running a website and making it functional for easy access. They are highly versatile in creating web properties and using their skills in improving the online experience of the user.

Web developers are the people you contact when you want a website created or if you’re having a problem with how a particular element on your website is acting. From constructing the frontend to improving the backend or the server-side of the equation of the website, they can also work with both the user experience and the coding that keeps it alive. They also help prevent security issues from occurring.

  • Web Designer

A web designer focuses more on how the website will look in front of the end-user or the site visitor. Some web developers with an eye for design are perfect for this position because they can tweak appearances and streamline them with the user experience or interface.

A web designer can also double as a graphic designer. The fundamentals of design that are employed in designing web pages are also employed in designing display advertising. Display advertising can be used to convert for the website owner.

Web designers can specialize in the study of conversion rate optimization and designing a website in a way that makes sure their visitors maximize in certain ways. They make it possible for you to click on a certain text or property after reading through the copy.

Web designers usually work hand-in-hand with web developers, but these two fields often crossover. Web designers who are great with web development often find themselves at advantageous positions because they can do two things at a time.

  • Programmer 

Don’t take the applications that you use today for granted because each application is probably dependent on hundreds of lines of code just to work properly.

A computer programmer is responsible for making applications, software, and programs work on your digital devices.

There are different types of programmers as well, and some of them get promoted to a higher position or become software engineers. Software engineers are responsible for creating the entire system including the easy navigation systems. They also manage a team of other programmers.

More so, they are usually highly paid.

  • Search Engine Optimization Expert

This is a strange career to have on the list, but it’s a lucrative one. Although most people depend on the Internet to get their needed information on a daily basis, they don’t really care about how the results are actually ranked. But have you tried asking yourself how content pieces or sites rank higher than the rest?

This is the job of a search engine optimization expert. They try to improve the ranking of websites on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for better conversions. Although a lot of people can jump into this career, it could be advantageous to people with a web development degree because they understand how the systems work.

  • Game Developer

A game developer is a person who develops fun games that you play in all your devices. In fact, a lot of web development experts have started to consider this particular career. But, a lot of people have said that there is a lot more to it than just liking video games.

If you are into video games, game development could be the right career for you. It can be considered a rewarding career because they build interactive pieces of art and a long-time entertainment for people of any age.

If you are planning to take a web development degree, you have to think it through. It could be daunting, but it is expected that web developers will continue to be in demand in the upcoming years. Preparing for a degree in this field can be considered to be a wise move for you to properly position yourself for career growth in the future.


Anton Lacoss understands how vital technology is for the business sector. Being an entrepreneur himself, Anton strives to inject technology in different facets of his business – from human resources to marketing and finance.

Anton regularly writes articles on the latest innovations in the business sector to influence other entrepreneurs to maximize technology in their own business. 

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Team Writer | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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