Top 10 Chatbot Trends For 2020

By Danni White - Published on July 29, 2019
Top 10 Chatbot Trends For 2020

Experts have predicted that by 2020, approximately 85% of interactions that we will make with businesses will be through chatbots. That is because this technology gets rid of the human weakness of getting exhaustion and round the clock services.

From a long list of 20 trends, we have picked, the following chatbot trends for you in 2020. That is because they are the most vital and have a direct impact on your customers. They include;

  1. Talking bots

In 2020, instead of typing your query in the chatbot, you are more likely to begin speaking to these bots and get assistance delivered. That is because voice experiences are becoming mainstream, and even the latest chatbot technology is voice-activated like Alexa.

2. Conversational bots

Usually, bots are straightforward because they ate not programmed to do anything else other than to assist customers. The problem with this is, customers are denied the opportunity to express their opinion. As opposed to chatting with a real human being in a normal conversation.

3. Messaging remains the best platform to chat with bots

It is with no doubt that text, messages are the, most common form of communication. That is why even established enterprises have a text messaging option on their websites if not email. Although we expect to interact with talking bits in 2020, text messaging is still going to dominate however, it will be a better experience if you have the right chatbot app.

4. Business and chatbots

There is no place on earth where chatbots can be necessary than in a business setting. That is because customers will always make inquiries even in the middle of the right when you are fast asleep. Business chatbots are going to get better in 2020 ever since they rocked the business world back in 2017. With enhanced capabilities and language, business bits are going to help seal many deals in 2020.

5. AI-driven chatbots

Artificial intelligence has reached exceptional levels this year with real robots making saturating this year. The good thing with artificial intelligence, especially with chatbots is that they are more particular with the kind of response they give.

That is because they analyze past and current data to predict or anticipate what the customer may need and lead them to the right solution. The chatbot used by the Bank of America is a perfect example of an AI-driven chatbot.

6. Bots understanding natural language

This is one of the critical features in chatbots that are going to help reach the 85% mark. That is because most bots have the problem of understanding languages. That can be due to dialect and other factors that can hinder the bot from interpreting messages well.

If you have been paying attention, translations have been the focus in many online platforms. If the language barrier is removed, as expected, chatbots will be unstoppable in 2020.

7. Chatbots with better customer insights

Because chatbots are going to be AI-driven in 2020, customers are the ones who are going to enjoy this service. That is because, through resolving various problems for customers, your chatbots will learn the type of customers and what they are most likely interested in. The bots will trace the path used by customers to land on the chatbot and use the previous data to propose the most suitable solution.

8. More human-like chatbots

Ever since chatbot was introduced in the 1960s, there has only been one enormous problem with this technology, and till date, it is still a big issue. Many customers don’t prefer dealing with chatbots because they are robots.

While some companies have optimized their chatbots to have them behave more like humans, some are still zombie robots with limited responses. In 2020, AI is going to help make this experience better.

9. Adaptive chatbots

An adaptive chatbot is one that can analyze data and provide solutions with respect to the current company or market setting. In most cases, chatbots will be set to give the right answers and solutions.

However, without the ability to learn by itself, it will require you to keep updating your chatbot, and this can be tiresome. In 2020, everybody is going for optimized chatbots that can learn.

10. Automated call centers

With AI spearheading the revolution of chatbots in 2020, automated call centers are going to become a reality. That is because AI, together with NLO, will make it possible for chatbots to acquire enough intelligence to assist customers like a real human being.


If you are running a company and you have been wondering how to improve your customer experience come 2020, chatbots are here to save the day. Take note that the best customer care should be human enough, plus it should be able to work without rest for days. That because customers will want to make inquiries anytime they want. Therefore, for your chatbots to be relevant, in 2020, you will need to incorporate the above factors in 2020.

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at, a top B2B digital destination for C-Level executives, technologists, and marketers. Bython Media is also the parent company of,, List.Events, and

Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at, a top B2B digital destin...

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