Top 8 Recruitment Channels and How Technology Can Help

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on February 3, 2020
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Technology can be an incredible tool for your recruitment team. In fact, most people are connected to their job search or employer they currently work for through an app or an internet job board.

Using technology to spread your job listing is not only a popular way to get relevant applicants but it is also a very cost-effective way to recruit and hire than some methods used in the past.

Looking for ways to amp your recruitment and hiring processes?

Here some of the best ways to help you secure your next best hire:

  • Online job boards or websites

Using websites like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter are great ways to get more people exposed to your job listing. They can often even recommend qualified candidates and help your job listing get more views and consideration.

  • Employee referrals

Some of your best new employees might already know your best current employees. Asking employees for referrals is a smart way to find new talented candidates. Some businesses offer an incentive or bonus for existing employees who recommend someone who goes on to get hired.

  • Apps

There are apps for everything, from dating to controlling your heat settings. Apps like Linkup and Switch can help candidates find you right from their smartphones.

  • Staffing agency or recruitment firm

Partnering with an industry-specific recruitment agency can help you hire faster. Using the network and expertise of staffing firms often gives you access to candidates you might not have otherwise.

  • College and university partnerships and career fairs

College graduates will want to get into the workforce after graduation. Being part of a job network or career fair gives you the opportunity to get in front of qualified students, share what you can offer them as a company, and help fill entry-level positions at your organizations.

  • Social media

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a good way to connect with candidates, but Facebook and Twitter have their place in finding talent. Listing open positions on your business’s social profile is a good start.

  • Current employees

One great way to find good fits for open positions is to look at the employees you already have. Do any of them have the skills or educational background that could make them a good candidate? Some recruitment automation software has features that allow your current employee’s stored resumes to be used as a way to identify potentially good matches among existing staff.

  • Company website

If your website is SEO-optimized, it is possible to drive people directly to your website when they are searching for job titles or descriptions that match what you have an opening for.

There is a wide range of recruitment channels that HR managers and recruiters can and should use for their efforts. Experts agree that technology offers amazing ways in which to screen resumes and gather information from potential candidates. Intelligence throughout this process can be very helpful in informing people about your company culture and spreading the word to top candidates.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a company near Dallas and contributing writer around the internet. She earned her master's degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago and has worked in publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and content strategy.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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