Important Functions of Human Resource Management in 2021

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on July 27, 2021
Article gives the important HRM fuctions for HR management

Human resources are one of the most important departments of an organization. From recruiting candidates to regulating certain policies in the organization; human resource does it all.

What Is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is the management of the workforce in an organization that works towards accomplishing competitive advantage. It is known as the process of managing employees. This could include any operations from hiring, firing, motivating, or training employees.

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They work towards a specific goal i.e. to achieve the aims and visions of an organization along with facilitating the employees to reduce employee turnover.

Functions of Human Resource Management

    1. Planning Human Resource Initiatives

      One very important principle function of human resource professionals is to cater to the future needs of a company and design a system that could help achieve those needs. This is done by the human resource team within a company answering two simple questions: What type of individual does a company need? How many of those types of people are required?

      The answer to this will shape the company’s execution, recruitment, and learning.

  1. Employing And Recruitment

    Another function of human resources revolves around enrolling the best-suited individuals for the organization. This recruitment starts with the business and the brand. A good and trusted employer brand gives you the advantage of sourcing strategies.

    Human resource has a list of candidates from which human resource professionals choose the best-suited talent according to their company’s nature and workplace.

  2. Health Issues

    This area covers both the health and protection of the employee. Each employee working in an organization is a human being who can at times face difficulties or health issues. Human Resource makes sure to give out policies and regulations to support employees when they have health problems that could affect their performance.

  3. Ensuring Support

    Another very important function of human resource is to ensure emotional and personal support for the employees in their difficult times that could affect their performance. This includes both emotional support and monetary support.

  4. Managerial Commitments

    One of the most important functions of human resource is allocating managerial and administrative responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

    1. Relocation of resources
    2. Promotions
    3. Sick leaves
    4. Maintaining payroll
    5. Calculating payments
  5. Compliance With Labor Laws

    For a human resource professional, keeping a check on your relations and compliance with labor laws is a main function of human resources. This includes viewing all legal concerns and making sure the company works accordingly.

  6. Engagement

    Not only is employee engagement one of the most important functions of human resource but it is also very important for the productivity of an organization. A good environment for the employee and their relations with each other is very important. This ensures employee retention and reduces employee turnover.

  7. Management Of Performances

    Execution of performance is fundamental in guaranteeing that the works stay useful and engaged. Execution of performance includes various tools such as the annual performance assessment in which the chief audits review the presentation of the workers. Managing performance includes sound initiatives, clear objectives, and welcoming critique.

    Performance management is another instrument that helps bridge the gap between the labor force you employ today and the force that you will be employed tomorrow.

  8. Formulation Of Policies

    Strategies are the main elements of human resource management. An association needs different policies that not only ensure positive results but are also tried and tested in the past. A sensible and clear-cut arrangement system structures everyone at the moment of an organization and its activities.

    These policies include:

    1. Employee conduct
    2. Employee attendance
    3. Meal breaks
    4. Anti-harassment policies
    5. Leaves and time-offs
  9. Building Industrial Relations

    Another important function of human resource is overseeing and developing associations with workers’ organizations. This includes building communications with different organizations, their gatherings, and their individuals.

  10. Different Compensations

    It is very important for an organization to stay aware of the business guidelines, new or existing installment boundaries for payments, and payment benchmarks. One driving force for employees is their salary. Different compensations include bonuses, raises on salary, discount vouchers, etc.

  11. Scope For Learning

    One of the central elements of the human resource include is engaging various workers and empowering them to use their skills and capabilities to the extent in the upcoming future. All companies out there comprehend the benefit of putting their resources in helping their team of employees to enhance their capabilities.

  12. Planning For Career

    Another indispensable element of human resource incorporates engaging different professions, building direction, and developing growth strategies for workers. Directing different workers regarding their dreams and aspirations and how they can go hand in hand with the organization’s objectives and help them in achieving them.

  13. Sharing Information

    Another very important hrm function is to be transparent with their employees. This means sharing necessary data and information related to work and organization with their employees. The information could be any of the following:

    1. Future operational changes
    2. Personnel changes
    3. Any changes in the policies
  14. Appreciation, rewards, and bonuses

    Acknowledgment and bonuses are one of the numerous hrm functions. The recognition and rewards depend on a worker’s capabilities and improvement over time. These rewards can be both; financial and non-financial. The rewards include:

    1. Office perks
    2. Raise
    3. An employee of the month recognition
    4. Festival tickets

Final Thought

A human resource(1) office is the center of any organization, like the sensory system in the human body that directs and controls everything.

The hrm functions of human resources are focused upon different areas. The hrm functions aim to provide the organization a better future and its employees a better career. Human resource management focuses on facilitating the employee of an organization to ensure employee retention.

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