How to Develop an Employer Branding Strategy
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How to Develop an Employer Branding Strategy

How to Develop an Employer Branding Strategy

Building your brand as an employer is essential for bringing in strong candidates.

Like building a strong marketing plan for a business to bring in customers, businesses need to understand how branding can affect how well they bring in candidates.

Branding is essential for any business because in this competitive landscape, reputation and name can mean everything. Do the public trust you? What do they feel when they hear your brand name? While this is very critical when it comes to bringing in customers, potential employee candidates are no different. There is no doubt that companies with a strong reputation with its employees attract high quality candidates with strong skill sets. Companies who have this quality hold lower cost per hire than those with bad reputations. Like any other marketing plan, it’s important to build an employer branding action plan. Here is how you can develop an employer branding strategy:

Understanding the company’s needs

Understanding a company’s needs is very vital in building an effective branding strategy. It’s critical because understanding how to satisfy these needs can help accomplish what the company plans to do in the long run. If this isn’t done, hiring the wrong candidates can harm the company.

Defining and understanding the target audience

Instead of using the shotgun tactic and try to market the company to everyone, understand who the best candidates would be and optimize your resources to attract them. By comprehending what attracts these candidates, you can find ways to improve your brand to cater to what their needs may be. In the long run, building a strong relationship with your employees will vastly improve your branding and reputation.

Building a strong culture

A healthy work environment is essential to a strong branding. If your current employees don’t enjoy working at your company, how can you expect to bring in new ones? This means that you’ll need to keep a low turnover and narrow skills gaps in order to show that working at your company is worth it. This also means that you’ll need to build a culture that employees can enjoy, be proud of, and have a reason to stay. Think about developing your employees with training programs that will help build their own value. By doing this, you’ll be able to see an increase in value for your company as well.

It’s also important that work is work but there’s always time to have fun. Find fun interactive ways that show that you appreciate your employees and reward them with ways that they can enjoy and have a good time. Working them to death isn’t going to help this. Though, we’re always talking about productivity and work, it’s also important to recognize when it’s time to take a break.

Get feedback and promoting yourself

Like looking for a restaurant’s review, candidates constantly look for companies’ reviews on the internet to inquire if they want to work there or not, meaning that your current and previous employees’ opinions are very critical. Understand how your employees feel and how you can improve your business can help you understand why and why not your company is a great place to work at. Using tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor can help you see what the candidates see when they learn about your business. It’s also important to actively promote yourself at this stage. As candidates try to learn more, give them the content that shows them that you’re exactly what they’re looking for and more.

Don Q. Dao
Don Q. Dao
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