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By Supriya Verma - Last Updated on March 30, 2023
Article Diversity Recruiting Platforms

DEI Is it something you’ve heard about? The acronym DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). It is the factor that makes a company stand out and ahead in the present work ecosystem. A good strategic diversity management plan is relevant to an organization’s mission and company goals. Planning in this field also entails identifying and removing barriers to equal treatment for disadvantaged groups. As a result, a diversity recruiting platforms is required to keep the talent pipeline constantly filled.

The article discusses the top 7 diversity recruiting platforms. These tools assist recruiters and hiring managers in eliminating unconscious bias during the hiring and interviewing process.

What is Diversity Recruiting Platform?

The process of manually sourcing qualified candidates for existing and future available positions is automated with diversity recruiting platforms. This software assists recruiters and other hiring specialists in properly managing the company’s diversity hiring initiatives.

Artificial intelligence is used in recruiting diversity solutions to improve job descriptions, discover qualified individuals, and export comprehensive candidate profiles, among other things.HR departments are the most popular users of diversity recruitment solutions, which frequently integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, and recruiting automation tools.

Many diversity recruitment systems include options for declassifying any information that could be used against an applicant mistakenly, such as a candidate’s name, background, gender, and degree. Creating and sharing unbiased job descriptions, monitoring and tracking candidates, and organizing applicant data are all common characteristics of these inclusive hiring platforms.

A recruitment software must possess the following features to be categorized as a Diversity Recruitment platforms:

  • Candidates from underrepresented populations could be searched
  • Diversity recruiting programs should be verified and should comply with the law
  • It should be developed with the intent of increasing diversity in the hiring process
  • It must eliminate unconscious bias from the candidate selection process

Individual and organizational culture, attitudes, beliefs, experiences, histories, interests, and behaviors all contribute to workplace diversity. Following are the 07 best diversity recruiting platforms that considers all the above characteristics during a recruitment process.

  1. Hired

Hired is the simplest and most effective method to find and employ the top tech talent. It links recruiters with a pool of highly qualified employees, both full-time and contract, who are ready to engage right now. Each of these people is looking for new opportunities and has been evaluated using a combination of proprietary algorithms and an in-house curation staff.

Employers can assess what candidates want in terms of salary, sector preferences, competitive prospects, and more through Hired. This level of information is unrivaled, resulting in a faster and more efficient recruiting process than ever before. Hired is dedicated to increasing diversity in the recruiting process by utilizing a more diverse talent pool.

  1. SeekOut

SeekOut is the most reliable talent intelligence platform, allowing modern recruiters to quickly locate and communicate with eligible applicants. Recruiters and sources can tap into underutilized talent pools of millions of global profiles with SeekOut’s intuitive AI-powered search technology. It discovers skilled candidates with unprecedented speed and precision and engages with them instantly by obtaining the right contact information in a single click.

It uses advanced AI/ML algorithms, direct search, and custom Boolean and power filters to find top talent. Unconscious Bias, Diversity Sourcing, and Analytics Create a diverse slate of candidates with high-quality female, Hispanic, African-American, and veteran candidates with ease. It creates a practical recruiting strategy to help your firm achieve its diversity and inclusion objectives.

  1. Circa

Circa is the premier provider of best-in-class Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) compliance, diversity recruiting, and local recruiting solutions, having recently acquired Diversity Jobs.

Circa offers cutting-edge technology, a nationwide network of 20,000 community-based groups and 600 employment and diversity sites, a quality assurance focus, and a committed customer service team. It connects forward-thinking companies with a wide pool of people to create a more inclusive and diversified workforce.

  1. Vervoe

Vervoe’s goal is to make hiring based on merit rather than background. It assists businesses in making hiring decisions based on how effectively candidates can perform the job rather than how well they appear on paper.

Vervoe uses skills evaluations to replace the traditional hiring process, allowing each candidate to demonstrate their abilities by performing job-related tasks. After that, machine learning models rank candidates based on their performance. Instead, they use skills evaluations at the beginning of the employment process and only meet with the best prospects after their abilities have been verified.

  1. Greenhouse

Greenhouse provides a comprehensive solution to assist businesses in hiring for the future. Thousands of major firms, like, and Cisco Meraki use Greenhouse’s intelligent assistance to design and automate all parts of hiring as the industry’s fastest-growing hiring platform.

Greenhouse Recruiting tools improve candidate interactions at every touchpoint, reduce administrative overhead, and keep the entire hiring team motivated. Greenhouse also leads the industry in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) solutions, which aid in the elimination of bias and the creation of a fair hiring process.

  1. RippleMatch

RippleMatch is the most intelligent college recruiting tool that makes it easier to hire top talent digitally and develop diverse teams. It was built for early-career recruitment teams of all sizes who care about diversity and inclusion.

RippleMatch consolidates business efforts into a single platform that manages the complete candidate experience, a way to keep track of applicant volume, increase content engagement, and establish a strong employer brand. Save time by seeing just pre-screened students who want to hear from you with automated sourcing. It creates a more diversified student network to create a stronger pipeline.

  1. Triplebyte

Triplebyte assists businesses in finding and hiring excellent developers. Triplebyte is a technical talent search tool that assists recruiters and hiring managers in locating and engaging engineers with a variety of backgrounds who have been assessed on their engineering skills. Triplebyte allows engineering teams to enhance diversity by discovering strong engineers from underrepresented backgrounds, with over 200,000 engineers appraised.


Diversity recruiting technology aids firms in building an enabling atmosphere for workers from various backgrounds, according to modern HR management. Using diversity hiring tools makes the hiring process easier and more balanced.

Diverse recruiting solutions come with a variety of tools and capabilities. As a result, the organization must define its objectives for employing this program. It will assist in narrowing down the list of attributes the organization may require to conduct an objective hiring process.

Supriya Verma | Supriya Verma is a content writer focused on developing articles and blogs for media organizations. Her work profile includes multiple roles and responsibilities that revolve around her academics, including a Master’s degree in computer management and a PG Diploma in HR Management. She has 15 years of experience in IT services and content creation.

Supriya Verma | Supriya Verma is a content writer focused on developing articles and blogs for media organizations. Her work profile includes multiple roles and re...


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