Video Marketing World 2018 to Host Innovative Thinkers and Presenters
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Video Marketing World 2018 to Host Innovative Thinkers and Presenters

Video Marketing World 2018 to Host Innovative Thinkers and Presenters

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable mediums for digital marketers as over 80 percent of businesses feel that video marketing is a key part of their overall strategy.

Video Marketing World is hosting its second annual video strategies conferences for brands and professionals in Dallas, Texas, from August 29-31 at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Center. The event aims to give marketers and creators the tools they need to succeed in the world of video. Some of the best and brightest marketers will gather together to give instruction on developing winning strategies and building influence online.

Video marketing has some amazing benefits and outcomes. If you haven’t started at least getting your feet wet in creating and promoting dynamic video content, you might not be gaining all the advantages that you could. Using video in your marketing strategy can boost conversions and sales, increase ROI, build trust with your customers and fan base, is very mobile-friendly, and offers good influence with search engines like Google.

Video Marketing World aims to give attendees the tools they need to reach maximum benefits. While most events are high-energy for a few days, Video Marketing World wants you to not forget what you learn. To that end, they have compiled a 12-month video plan including a 100+ page video strategy workbook to help you go from start to finish in video marketing.

Jeremy Vest, Founder of Video Marketing World and Senior Evangelist at vidIQ, said of the event, “Video Marketing World is all about helping brands and creators make effective video. Anyone can turn on a camera but its tough to make contact that grows audiences and your business. That’s why we created this event.”


Attendees will get to hear from a wide range of speakers including:

  • Claudia Barbiero, LiveU
  • Carlos Gill, Gil Media Co.
  • Jake Larsen,
  • Krysta Masciale,
  • Tyler Lessard, Vidyard
  • Amy Schmittauer Landino, Vlog Boss Studios
  • AJ Wood, Adobe

Attendees will learn a vast array of subjects related to video development and marketing, including:

  • How To Generate Leads with Video
  • Video Influencer Strategy for Brands
  • Data-Driven YouTube Channel Growth
  • How to be a Badass LinkedIn Video Creator
  • The End of Marketing: How to Humanize Your Brand in the Age of Chatbots and AI
  • How to Craft a #VideoFirst Content Strategy (and Why You Need To)

Vidpow, the company behind Video Marketing World, has generated over 1 billion views, millions of subscribers, and millions in sales collectively for its customers. It helps nonprofits and entertainment companies alike to create, share, market, and optimize videos through community, resulting in solid conversions.

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the senior content manager for Bython Media Inc., a digital media and marketing agency whose web properties include and
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