Importance of Content Marketing ROI for Content Marketers
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How Important Is Understanding Content Marketing ROI for Content Marketers

Importance of Content Marketing ROI for Content Marketers

Content marketing is increasingly becoming embedded in both small scale and enterprise businesses. Therefore, it is inevitable that revenue managers and senior leadership members will approach content marketers and inquire on expenditures and budgets for content creation and marketing. Unfortunately, many content marketers are not equipped to properly provide measurements that will demonstrate what a successful content marketing program looks like.

One of the most effective methods to measure content is via ROI calculation.

First, determine the actual spend on creating the content. Then, second, determine the costs related to distributing the content. After adding up each expense, the true cost of content production will be revealed.

The third step is to measure all sales generated from content; this will help to determine the amount earned. The fourth step is to determine the actual sales or lead conversions that resulted from content production.

The final step is to calculate the content marketing ROI using an ROI calculator and return on investment formula which is expressed as return minus the investment, divided by the investment, which is expressed as a percentage. After the ROI for content is calculated, content marketers can work more effectively with revenue managers and their company’s senior leadership team to determine how and where resources for content marketing should be spent.

This video discusses the importance of understanding content marketing ROI for content marketers.



Danni White
Danni White
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