Skyword is a New Content Marketing Technology

By Megha Shah - Last Updated on February 25, 2020
Skyword is a New Content Marketing Technology

With inbound marketing applications on the rise, the demand for quality content is steadily increasing. Companies even invest in full-fledged content teams and technology that will aid them in creating content of the highest quality. There even exist companies that specialize solely in providing content writing and copywriting services.

If you’re a content marketer, or in the business of creating content for companies, blogs, and websites, you may very well be aware that the process of content creation isn’t as simple as just writing and publishing.

The process entails coordinating with many people, multiple teams, integrating all the tasks in one place, proofreading, editing, publishing, tracking…. It goes on and on.

Well, if this is what your ordinary day looks like, we come bearing good news.

There is a platform that will make your task a hundred times easier, called Skyword360.

In October 2018, Skyword merged with TrackMaven, the leading marketing insights company. Now Skyword offers its customers unique multi-channel insights to make smart decisions and the content strategy, technology, and resources to transform that insight into action. Today’s leading brands have created and published more than one million original stories as articles, videos, images, infographics, podcasts, and animations on Skyword360 to fuel winning content strategies.

So far, Skyword360 is the only coherent content marketing platform that combines enterprise-wide visibility and planning with original content creation, distribution, and optimization. It helps you consolidate content marketing software across your organization to create unique, synchronized customer experiences that drive measurable results. It has many features to facilitate the smooth flow of data and ideas throughout the process. The platform enables marketers to:

1. Strategize

Any website, blog or brand has a very varied audience with different needs and motivations interacting with the company in many different ways. With Skyword360, marketers can pull all the data together into a single, organized content strategy. It enables them to map their buyers’ journeys through many templates and tools to document that journey, build out personal details and map typical interactions that each audience has with the brand at every stage. It also helps align the content with the overall strategy and goals, facilitating better performance.

2. Plan

Skyword360 comes with an Enterprise Planner that gives marketers a bird’s eye view, allowing them to drill down to the details. The dashboard lets them see at a glance what’s happening across divisions, regions, campaigns, and channels.

The planner also facilitates cross-team coordination, thus ensuring accountability throughout the company. All team members can share best practices, topic ideas, and marketing activities among teams. It also allows team members to view and sort content over a week or a month by status, format, division, region, channel, or campaign, as well as to manage creatives and digital assets. It also comes with an editorial calendar that helps all members to be on the same page when it comes to the overall strategy.

3. Create

Skyword360 isn’t your average management and planning tool. It also allows managers and executives to hire, onboard and manage creative talent. Skyword has an international pool of writers, photographers, designers, and videographers are deep and wide, and can do the hiring for you. Skyword360 also provides the tools to seamlessly manage all stages of the recruitment process.

The platform also lets content creators evaluate their work according to preset quality and SEO standards. The in-built SEO tools include keyword optimization, spelling and grammar, readability scores, and plagiarism alerts.

4. Collect

Marketers often have to gather and organize articles, photos, videos, eBooks and Infographics.

Skyword360’s Digital Asset Manager is a powerful, scalable, secure infrastructure for making all the company’s assets available to everyone on the content team.

5. Activate

Your content will only perform as good as your content distribution strategy. Social media is a major tool when it comes to distributing content. With Skyword360, you can fully integrate a long-term social media publishing plan into your content operations. The content delivery options make it simple to integrate content creation with your content management system. You can publish content directly to your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or email marketing platform with the click of a button.

6. Personalize

With Skyword360’s Personalized Recommendations, you can deliver on-site and email recommendations specific to individuals. The platform’s deep learning and predictive technology help you build an audience through sustained publishing of original content, and increases engagement.

7. Optimize

As with any strategy, your actual results may be very different from your anticipated results. Continuously analyzing your campaigns and content will help you understand whether each decision you make is working or not. Skyword360 offers drill-down access to the content marketing metrics that build, manage and evaluate your program. It also integrates Google Analytics onto the platform and to manage all audience intelligence on one dashboard that combines Skyword360’s metrics with lead analysis reports from Marketo.

The new Skyword360 is any content marketers dream come true! It is the one stop shop for all your content marketing needs.


Megha Shah | A dreamer, traveler, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she was a child. Apart from being a part-time writer, Megha is currently in college, pursuing B. Com. (Hons). Megha is an ardent follower of ‘Hardship, Hustle and Heart’ and firmly believes in the power of hard work and destiny!

Megha Shah | A dreamer, traveler, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she wa...

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