Optimization Tips and Tools to Boost Your YouTube Page

By Techfunnel Author - Published on August 26, 2021
The article in on Youtube Optimization Tips and Tools

Do you want to take your YouTube platform to the next level?

Would you like to grow your followers and expand your reach?

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of YouTube, learning about the tips below can inspire a plan of action to help your channel thrive despite the oversaturation of digital content.

Here are the Tips for YouTube Optimization

  1. Create Fresh Content:

    With over 25 billion videos on YouTube, it can be difficult for a content creator to stand out. But finding your niche can help your page stand out from the crowd.

  2. Refine Tags:

    Ever notice how recent YouTube videos have #hashtags at the top of the description area? Doing this helps to increase the chances of a video getting visibility through related searches.

  3. Create a Worthy Title:

    A great title should invoke feelings of curiosity from your viewers and be relevant to your brand.

  4. Optimize Description:

    Your description doesn’t have to spoil the content of the video, but it should let potential viewers know the overall message of the content.

  5. Optimize Your URL Structure:

    If your YouTube page has over 100 subscribers, you can edit your URL link through YouTube Studio and clicking the customization button.

  6. Write Enticing CTAs:

    As a YouTuber your biggest CTA, a.k.a. “call-to-action,” will be in the intro of your video. Think about the “subscribe” and notification bell pop-ups that you see as the content creator tells their audience, “Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and notification button!”

  7. Understand Viewer Behavior:

    Prioritize studying your audience’s behaviors and preferences to build a relationship with them and make content that caters to them.

  8. Leverage Other Channels:

    Investigate other channels that create related content and attempt to entice their viewers to find your channel to gain new viewers and subscribers.

  9. Dress Up Your Channel:

    Take advantage of visually appealing profile pictures, intros, and outros to captivate potential subscribers.

  10. Measure and Calibrate:

    Utilize analytics tools to track your audience based on what they watch, who they are subscribed to, and other preferences.

  11. Add Video Chapters:

    Break down extremely long videos by creating timestamps and describing each section based on the subject matter. Doing this allows for viewers to return to a video that they left, without having to start the entire video over.

  12. Choose a Video Category:

    No matter if it is travel, beauty, or family-friendly, knowing what category that your content will fall under helps the algorithm place your videos in front of your targeted audience.

  13. Make YouTube Playlists:

    The playlist tool is useful if you decide to do multiple videos over one subject. This helps viewers who are interested better find and watch the series of videos in order.

  14. Encourage Engagement:

    Incentivize viewership by offering viewers promo offers, prizes, and others perks.

  15. Embed Videos on Your Website:

    Lead readers from your blog or website to visit your YouTube page to increase viewership by incorporating your videos into your written content.

  16. Establish a keyword strategy:

    Research words that are most associated with the subject matter of your content. Then incorporate them with your video tags and titles.

  17. Include the Main Keyword or Key Phrase in The Name of the Video File:

    If you want to create content around your pet dog for YouTube, make sure to have a keyword included in your title based on what the content is about. One keyword could be the breed of the dog. It ensures that the content will be available to a more niche audience.

  18. Use Subtitles and the Closed Caption Feature:

    Always be considerate of your viewers’ disabilities to reach a broader audience.

  19. Update your channel trailer:

    Every once in and while improve the intro of your videos. Having outdated and basic visuals can leave a bad first impression on new viewers and a loss of interest for long-time viewers.

  20. Place snippets of your business videos:

    Savvy content creators have lucrative businesses outside of making videos. A beauty guru might have a make-up brand or collab with a more well-known business, like Sephora. Create content that shows your business acumen and influence within your chosen industry.

  21. Annotations:

    The best-known example of an annotation in a YouTube video is toward the end credits when two clickable images pop up on both sides of the screen that links to previous videos they have created.

  22. Create Long Videos:

    The algorithm of YouTube favors long videos because it keeps viewers, not only on your page but on the entire platform as a whole longer.

  23. Answer Unanswered Questions:

    Allow opportunities for your audience to interact with you on a personal level by having videos that tell them about you.

  24. Don’t Give Everything Away Early:

    As you roll out your plan, make sure to keep it one step at a time to prevent burnout and to grow your page organically.

  25. Upload Content Consistently:

    No matter if you post a video once a week or every two weeks, be consistent in your content creation. Irregularity can lead your audience to forget that your channel even exists. On a platform like YouTube, you can be here today and gone tomorrow.

  26. Stay on Brand:

    Not only must you stay consistent in how much you upload content, but it is also crucial to stay on brand. Imagine if your favorite political commentator’s page suddenly decided to flip the script and discuss the hot topics of pop culture. Doing this will confuse and irritate viewers and prompt them to go somewhere else for their desired content.

  27. Know When to Evolve:

    Think about the popular gurus who grew their pages around commentary of well-known brands who eventually went on to create their own brands. Expanding upon your brand brings more exposure, revenue, relevancy to your platform.

List of Top YouTube Tools to Grow Audience, Revenue, and More

  1. Filmora:

    Create visually appealing videos with editing, enhancing, and filtering properties at a low price of less than $100 per year

  2. Camtasia:

    This pricier option (the cheapest plan is $249.99) allows for users to create professional-level videos by allowing you to edit content and screen record

  3. VidIQ:

    This platform teaches users how to research, calculate, and grow their YouTube audience through analytical data. This platform is free under its Basic Plan.

  4. Tubebuddy:

    This browser tool allows users to grow their channel and gain more subscribers through SEO and promotion properties. The cheapest plan costs $7.20 per month.

  5. SEMrush:

    Locate keywords, share your YouTube page across various platforms, and create avenues of growth for your page. A free trial is provided but the lowest plan is $119.95 per month.

  6. Keyword Tool:

    A free search-based platform that allows users to see the search volume and trends of certain keywords

  7. Headliner:

    A promotional tool that gets your content shared across all platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This platform is free under its Forever Free plan.

  8. Smartzer:

    Incorporate interactive e-commerce avenues into your videos and live streams. Contact platform for the cost of use of this service.

  9. Canva:

    Make your videos more visually appealing with graphic design tools, an image library, and access to templates at no cost to you.

  10. JTV Digital:

    Share and sell music across various mainstream music platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Contact platform for pricing details.

  11. Adrev:

    Make money from your videos through copywriting content and tracking where their content is being shown outside of your page. Contact platform for the cost of the use of service.

  12. Freedom:

    Use the platform to branch out and share your content to make more mosts content creators in studying similar brands, analyzing their reach online, and finding monetization opportunities. The price of use is $9 per month under the Creator Dashboard Plan.

  13. CDbaby:

    Manage and share your music on YouTube by utilizing this platform to copyright and license songs and assists users in making a YouTube account just for music. Pricing for sharing an album/single is $29/$9.95 under the Standard Plan.

  14. YouTube Studio:

    Utilize customized data analytics, growth insights, industry advisory boards, and more for your YouTube page.

  15. Vigo Video:

    Make short-form videos to share, gain revenue, and grow your audience across various platforms.

  16. Trint:

    Upload and transcribe audio files. Prices under the Starter Plan go for $60 per month with a free trial.

  17. Hippo Video:

    Screenshot, create, and upload content through easily sharable videos, GIFS, and intros/outros on both social media and communication platforms. Prices go for $7 per month/per user under the Team Communication plan.

  18. Premium Beat:

    Get access to no-cost music tracks and collections that can be utilized for YouTube videos.

  19. Vidooly:

    This platform assists content creators in studying similar brands, analyzing their reach online, and finding monetization opportunities. The price of use is $9 per month under the Creator Dashboard Plan.

  20. YouTube Creators:

    Learn and receive tips from YouTube’s top content creator to help take your channel to the next level.

  21. Hootsuite:

    Keep track of your leads, your reach through various social media platforms, and communicate to your audience on all platforms on an all-in-one control panel. The cost of use is $49 per month with a 30-day free trial under the Professional Plan.

  22. Cameleon Live:

    This live-video app platform lets you distribute your content across various social media platforms.

  23. TubeMiner:

    Research content subject matter, track comments and know the exact moment that a video is released to YouTube, and more to find “diamond in the rough” pages for fresh content.

Final Thought

If one wants to become a YouTube sensation, it will not happen overnight. You need, not just passion for your craft as a content creator, to have a plan of action to help your page grow organically. Just like in the case of the “Tortoise and the Hare,” slow and steady wins the race.

It’s one thing to go viral and another to remain consistent and relevant on a platform that has over 25 billion videos. Keeping in mind the tips and tools mentioned above will help future and current content creators to their page to the next level.

Think about what you want your content to be about and what kind of audience that you want to attract, then go from there. Don’t become a YouTuber to gain attention, even if you are a brand, become a brand or personality who wants to contribute to the digital content world and utilize YouTube to make that happen.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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