How to Gain Business Using Customer Insight Tools
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How to Gain Business Using Customer Insight Tools

How to Gain Business Using Customer Insight Tools

How well do you understand your audience?

Without a proper customer insight tool as part of your marketing plan, it’s safe to say you don’t truly know your customers, you’re just assuming you do.

The face of marketing is constantly changing, especially in this digital era. As marketing changes, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Even though new marketing trends are constantly emerging, the main goal all marketers should keep in mind is to truly understand their audience. As a marketer, you may think that you have a good understanding of your customers, their needs, expectations, and the experiences they expect from your brand.

Customers’ attitudes and needs are always changing though, so it’s essential to continually use customer insight tools to gain a comprehensive, thorough picture of your customers. When you take the time to gain customer insights, your brand will not only succeed but you’ll attract loyal customers who will guarantee the stability of your business.

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Marketing and customer insights might seem like a daunting task to continually do but with the proper tools in your arsenal, you’ll be sure to not only keep your current customers satisfied but attract new customers as well. Here is a list of customer insight tools you can implement into your marketing strategy today to ensure the lifelong success of your organization.

Top Customer Insight Tools

Before we get into the major customer insight tools available on the market that will make your customer insight strategy more comprehensive, here are a few ways you can ensure that your tool is working successfully and that your entire marketing plan is properly addressing the needs and expectations of your customers.

  • Empathy interviews can help you dig deep to properly learn what your customers want.
  • Observe users of your products/services in a natural setting.
  • Watch how customers buy your products/services.
  • Attend events and trade shows to learn how customers interact with your company.
  • Gain an external perspective of your brand by interviewing your competitor’s customers.

Thoroughly understanding your target audience is all about stories and learning how your

Customers’ experiences have shaped their view of the world and your company. When you understand the personal stories that come from your customers, you’ll not only gain a better connection with them, but you’ll also unite them with your company’s mission.

YouTube Analytics

Videos are perhaps the best way to engage with your audience and attract their attention. How, though, can you be sure that your audience is even viewing the videos you post? YouTube analytics can help you better define your audience and gain an incredible amount of customer insight. To achieve this, simply click on the ‘demographics tab’ where you’ll find the location and age of people who watch your videos. When you know who your audience truly is, you’ll be able to produce more personalized content that caters to them and increase your conversion rate in the process.

Google’s Analytics

Perhaps the most popular customer insight analytics tool on the market, Google Analytics tracks the traffic and performance of your web pages. With Google, you can not only learn where your website visitors are coming from but how much time they spend on your site and their geographic distribution as well. Google provides a Goal Funnel tool that, once you’ve set up a list of URLs that the customer clicks through when they complete a purchase, will allow you to know how many customers are going through the purchase process. This tool can also tell you how many customers abandon their purchases, allowing you to adjust your marketing strategies and improve the buying experience.

Social Mentions

This free, real-time analysis tool organizes social media mentions of your brand through hashtags, keywords, and sites. Social media is huge in our society today and people are constantly talking about different brands, good and bad. The in-depth analysis of data that this tool provides will improve your sentiment, strength, passion, and reach efforts.

There are many other marketing tools to help you improve your customer insights and analytics efforts, but the main goal of customer insight tools is this: truly understand your audience.

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Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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