How to Effectively Handle Social Media for Customer Acquisition
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How to Effectively Handle Social Media for Customer Acquisition

how to effectively handle social media for customer acquisition

Customer acquisition has gotten easier to achieve with social media.

Social media can be an excellent platform to acquire customers and more brands are beginning to realize the huge benefit it can offer. Social media not only allows you to connect with your audience in a more relatable way but also gives you many opportunities to engage with them more effectively.

Acquiring new customers is essential to ensure that your business continues to grow and extend its reach. Social media can be a very beneficial tool to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition but it can be difficult to know the best ways to convert social media users into actual customers. Customer acquisition through social media looks different for every company. It is important to begin with a social media acquisition strategy that will outline any goals you wish to accomplish with your efforts and is tailored to what makes sense for your brand. It is important to remember what may work for one company will not necessarily work well for your brand so your acquisition efforts must make sense for your company.

Social Media Strategy for Customer Acquisition

Engage with Images

Visual content can be very powerful, and it has been proven that photos drive 2x more engagement than posts with just text. Instagram is the best platform to engage users with photos and even drive them to your website. Try showcasing a new design, product or service you offer to spark user’s interest or even pair up with an affiliate or influencer to increase the notoriety of your brand. Make sure, though, that your photos are product-focused and anyone you display in your photos is being showcased because they embody your brand.

Host Contests

Customers love free merchandise and contests are an excellent way to get your social media customer acquisition efforts to work effectively. Many companies hold monthly contests to encourage their followers to get more involved with the brand community. Contests work very well because the social actions surrounding the event bring in thousands of new fans, which otherwise would not have been interested. Contests and offers can be very high impact customer generation events but make sure you build in actions that will allow the fan to share their entry to their social media networks. Also, make sure that you adjust the contest to better fit the social media platform. On Twitter, it is important to utilize hashtags and Facebook or Instagram both should have a photo accompanying the contest rules. The most important thing to remember is to stay true to your brand.

Make Posts Personal

It’s important to remember that customers like to feel like they’re the only ones being spoken to so make sure you limit any ideas of sending out a mass message to your followers. The best way to ensure that followers are properly engaged with is to get to know them and speak to them in personal ways that will not only build relationships but also create loyalty as well. Respond to question tweets from customers and even try responding in a personal way to a happy follower that expresses their gratitude for your brand.

Live chats are also an excellent way to use social media for customer acquisition and to increase follower engagement. Use live chats to allow customers to chat with key personnel of your brand that can offer them advice about the best ways to use the product or take care of the product so it will last longer. It is also important to respond to negative comments to let your customers know that you care about their opinion and appreciate their feedback, even if it’s not all positive.

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