Top Display Advertising Networks to Use in 2021

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on May 25, 2021
Best Display Advertising Networks

In the current technological age, the role of digital display advertising networks can not be undermined. They are perfect for driving traffic to your website. In this article, we will be reviewing ten of the best display advertising networks in the world.

In case you are wondering what is display advertising networks?

Display advertising networks help your business to run ads that will reach out to the largest possible audience. Indeed, digital display advertising networks have been employed in the building of targeted customer base.

List of Top Display Advertising Networks

  1. Google AdSense

    This is without doubts one of the world’s best display advertising networks. Google AdSense(1) boasts of a customer base that counts up to billions of individuals in all parts of the globe. In addition, it interacts with almost 2 million advertisers.

    As a result of the vastness of Google’s customer size, it ranks as the best digital display advertising network that is guaranteed to generate immense traffic for your business websites. 


    • In a bid to maintain their reputation, Google AdSense is known to enforce certain quality standards for its advertisers.
    • Although their standards of quality may appear very strict and impossible at times, they are however implemented in order to make sure that only genuine advertisers get to interact with Google AdSense.
    • Another of the best features of the Google AdSense is that it does not limit its services to just websites. It also runs Google ads for app developers and every other mobile-based software that can be optimized to connect to the largest possible audience.
    • It is a very straightforward process to begin advertising with Google AdSense. The basic step is to log in to Google’s website and simply follow the instructions that follow.
    • You would have to develop ads of high quality. This would help to captivate and attract your potential customers to visit your website.
    • The more captivating your ads are, the more your chances of pulling in massive visitors to your website. And the more visitors that click on your site, the more traffic you would be generating.
    • It is necessary to keep in mind that Google would expect your ads to be in accordance with their Google AdSense Best Practices. If you adhere to their set standards, you can be rest assured that you would develop highly captivating ads that would drive an influx of customers and visitors to your website.

    Benefits of the Google AdSense

    • The large size of the customer base is their major point of attraction.
    • It features versatility across several kinds of platforms; websites, apps, and other mobile-based software.
    • This digital display advertising network is from the reputable and world leading search engine company – Google. This translates to global recognition and reliability.
  1. Facebook Network Audience Ads

    This is another one of the highly effective digital display advertising networks. It is managed by the leading social media giant – Facebook.


    • The major highlight of this digital display advertising network is that it has a large coverage of potential customers just like Google AdSense. Facebook Audience Network Ads is patronized by millions of advertisers and it has the capacity to reach out to its more than 1 billion users all over the world.
    • This digital display advertising network prides itself on the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Facebook strives to maintain its company’s legitimacy and reputation. This is why they do not interact with adult or explicit contents.
    • They focus on assisting world leading organizations to achieve their desired results and goals.
    • Generally, utilizing the Facebook Audience Network Ads gives you the opportunity to leverage on Facebook’s extensive network of customer data in order for you to connect to your potential customers effectively and efficiently.
    • In addition, this digital display advertising network features simplicity to operate, especially if you already advertise on Facebook. The guidelines are similar to each other.
    • All you would have to do is to make modifications to the sizes of your ads so that they would fit the specifications of the advertising channel that you intend to use. If you can adhere to the guidelines, you can be sure to record impressive results over time.

    Benefits of the Facebook Audience Network Ads

    • Versatility is another essential feature of Facebook Audience Network Ads. The platform has the capability to run ads via a vast network of applications as well as non-website media. It extends your ads to reach out to customers beyond the limitations of Facebook.
    • It has one of the largest sizes of customer base network.
    • Reliability is guaranteed since it comes from the globally renowned company – Facebook.
  1. mMedia

    This digital display advertising network is most suitable for individuals or organizations that can be regarded as newbies in the world of digital display advertising.


    • The most distinguishing feature of this display advertising network is that it does not have a minimum investment amount for advertisers. This simply means that with as low as low $20 you can get started and begin running ads with them. You could however still try it out depending on what your advertising budget is.
    • The effect of this network is that your actual minimum investment plan will be whatever other individuals in your field are bidding for particular ads.

    Nonetheless, if you are keen about dominating a specific form of ad for a specific category of customers, then you can experience remarkable results with an investment budget in mMedia that is lesser than the average investment amounts. 

    Benefits of mMedia

    • The most distinguishing benefit of this digital display advertising network is its affordability for new startup companies.

    Disadvantage of mMedia

    • It is only logical that with such low investments, you should not expect to get the best of results as one who invested a lot more.
  1. Apple Advertising

    Apple Advertising stands as one of the leading display advertising networks in the world of mobile display advertising. This is not so much of a surprise since Apple is in charge of the world’s largest app store. This therefore makes it easy for the network to make more money through the running of ads.


    • With Apple Advertising network, you get to constantly reach out to several new customers who have probably never come across your website before.
    • Another distinguishing feature of the Apple Advertising network is that has an intuitive bidding and targeting system that enables the advertisers to select the mode and manner in which they want their ads to be displayed.

    In general, the Apple Advertising network is a highly-managed system that runs ads almost restrictively in mobile applications.

    Benefits of the Apple Advertising Network

    • It has a large coverage size to reach out to millions of potential customers.
    • It is the best for mobile display advertising
  1. Adknowledge

    This may be an unfamiliar name to you in the digital display advertising world. However, it would interest you to know that this ad network is one of the best display advertising networks that allows you to reach out to more customers.


    • Adknowledge allows businesses to run ads across several platforms including social networks, video sites, and mobile applications among others.
    • In addition, Adknowledge has its personal proprietary system that is employed to measure the interests of customers. This simply means you can swiftly, easily and accurately run your ads to target specific customers in your selected demographic range.

    Benefit of Adknowledge

    • It has a wide range of versatility
  1. Yahoo! Network

    Indeed, Yahoo! may no longer possess the popularity it once had as a leading global search engine. However, it still manages a vast digital display network that reaches out to millions of customers per month.


    • Yahoo! Network has a targeting system that measures potential customers by exploring a vast variety of certain demographic factors such as age and geography.
    • Although Yahoo! Network may appear to be subordinate to larger and more popular networks like Google, it is however a perfect alternative for clients who are searching for affordability and a significant customer base.

    Benefits of Yahoo! Network

    • It reaches out to a significant customer size.
    • It is affordable compared to other bigger digital display advertising networks.
  1. Taboola

    Although Taboola is not one of the most popular digital display advertising networks out there, it however has a remarkable network of impressive clients that is sufficient to attract new advertisers on a daily basis.


    • Taboola runs ads to giant platforms like The Atlantic, The Motley Fool, and most especially Netflix. Anyone would agree that the affiliation with Netflix alone is a sufficient basis for attracting all kinds of small-scale and large-scale businesses.
    • It considers what your business target is. This would determine if Taboola would be a great option for you.

    Benefits of Taboola

    • It has a strong affiliate network.
    • An advantage is that an advertiser is enabled to reach out to a lot of potential customers.

    Disadvantage of Taboola

    • The disadvantage could be that you are in a competition with companies that have large advertising budgets.
  1. Epom

    The most distinguishing characteristic that comes with interacting with Epom is that they actually allow their potential customers to try out their service before proceeding to payment. Not many digital display advertising networks offers a free trial feature. 


    • The major highlight of Epom’s free trial is that it allows display advertising first timers to explore and understand how the field operates. This means that with Epom, you can test run your company ads in order to determine if digital display advertising is going to bring the desired results you want for your company.
    • More importantly, it is necessary to mention that if you are new into the business of digital display advertising – and you are searching for a starting platform – then Epom can be your number one option. This is why Epom is one of the best display advertising networks. 

    Benefits by Epom

    • It features versatility through several means such as mobile app ads, video ads, and digital display ads, amongst others.
    • It has partnership with multiple other networks
    • It is affordable
    • Even if you eventually move on to patronizing another digital display advertising network, you would still have an overview of what to expect and how to play your cards rightly.
  1. Airpush

    Airpush is a data-driven mobile advertising network. It strictly serves ads on the mobile sphere. It has a large coverage of over 150,000 various apps.


    • Transparency is a key characteristic of Airpush. Being one of the most transparent digital display advertising networks in the globe, they will explain virtually everything you intend to know about their services, mode of operation, terms and conditions etc.
    • In addition, they work on a strict opt-in basis. This therefore causes all their apps to display Airpush ads. By implication, this means that potential customers would be more receptive to the contents of advertisers just like you.
    • It is different from other digital display advertising networks that contractually mandate developers to employ them.

    Benefits of Airpush

    • It features affiliate platforms
    • It has a large coverage size
    • Transparency is a key feature of the company
  1. Leadbolt

    Leadbolt is a high-performing mobile digital display advertising network that gives exceptional results. They provide premium global traffic with dynamic ad density.


    • Leadbolt gives its advertisers the choice to pick either self-serve or full-service ads.
    • In addition, Leadbolt tops as one of the most advertiser-friendly networks that you can find. This is because it gives the advertisers control to change their bids for different ads on the go. This is called their real-time bidding feature.
    • The control Leadbolt gives to its advertisers can either be full control or partial control. The partial control entails trusting one of Leadbolt’s account managers to manage your ads. In either way, you have significant control over your ads.

    Benefits of Leadbolt

    • It gives you premium control over your ads.

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Final Thoughts

We hope the contents of this article will prove to be of utmost value to you in your search for the best digital display advertising network. A lot of companies are already leveraging on the opportunities in digital display advertising. Now that you know what the top display advertising networks are, what are you waiting for? Begin to leverage on the opportunities inherent in digital display advertising.

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