Top Event Management Companies for a Successful B2B Event
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Want to Create a Successful Event? Here Are the Top B2B Event Management Companies to Know

Do you have the best handle on your events management process? Even if you do already, every improvement can create greater lead generation and new customers from your event. That’s why it is so important to partner with an event management company that can design and implement an event that raises your reputation in the eyes of other business leaders.

Planning B2B Events

Business to business (B2B) events can provide a marketing opportunity that no other type of marketing can. You have a multitude of event types from which to choose and first need to develop an event strategy that integrates with your marketing plan. You can make all this easier by partnering with a B2B events management firm.

These offline marketing channel events leverages real-life experiences for in-person activities and interactions that meet business goals. Your event could focus on customer retention, accelerating sales, building brand awareness, increasing event revenue or improving investor relations.

Forrester Research reports that the average chief marketing officer allocates 24 percent of their marketing budget to live events. It helps them connect with customers and with lead generation. Of course, they do not plan and execute them on their own. Here is a quick rundown on the six top event management companies.

Event Management Companies

The six best event planning companies discussed herein specialize in B2B events that build the relationship between organizations. The top four event types these firms plan are exhibitions at a larger event, such as a trade-show or convention, VIP dinners, conferences, and roadshows.

These event management companies across the world act as event organizers, project managers, and marketers.

1. Bassett Events

Bassett Events specializes in professional meeting planning and execution. With more than 15 years of experience, clients depend on Basset Events for its savvy in site and hotel selection, as well as, contract negotiation.

2. Bompas and Parr

Clients including artists, engineers, musicians, and scientists, turn to Bompas and Parr for its knowledge in architectural and culinary event planning. Founded in 2007, it leads planning for and execution of architectural installations, contemporary food design, and culinary research events.

3. Debi Lilly & Co.

Chicago’s Debi Lilly has a special place on this B2B list since she specializes in both business events and celebrity weddings. When the CEO gets married, Lilly is the one to turn to for a wedding that wows and includes all the major players in your industry. Biz Bash named her company the Top Event Innovator in 2014.

4. David Tutera

David Tutera plans celebrity, royal and philanthropical events from his home base in New York City. His specialties include film premieres, royal events and parties, political events and fundraisers and charity events for The Alzheimer’s Association, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), Nature Conservancy and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

5. David Beahm Design

The David Beahm Design Group specializes in Fortune 500 corporate events. The event management firm is known for transforming venues into themed showplaces. His event work has been featured in Architectural Digest, New York magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

6. Dreamsmith Events Team

Dreamsmith Events Team specializes in overseas luxury events. It creates bespoke luxury events in locations including Africa, Central and South America, and India. Its niche is holiday events.

B2B event design and management continues to be a developing and diversified industry. No two agencies truly conduct events management the same way. Start your research on the right agency to help you plan your next B2B marketing event.

Danni White
Danni White
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