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6 Best News Monitoring Tools and Techniques

6 Best News Monitoring Tools and Techniques

News monitoring tools are essential to verify that your brand image is in good standing and to know what people are saying about your company. Without social media monitoring tools and techniques, your company will have no idea what audience members are saying, how they’re reacting to business changes, or how to correct any negative publicity your company may receive.

Since social media is a place for people to voice their opinions and grievances against a company, it’s essential to include social listening in your marketing strategy to stay ahead of any negative press. Let’s take a look at some of the best news monitoring tools and techniques you can utilize to maintain the good reputation of your brand.

How can news monitoring tools help your brand reputation?

With the right news monitoring tools in your arsenal, you can maintain the good reputation of your brand.


This enterprise-level social media monitoring tool is great to help you track ongoing campaigns. With Brandwatch, you can monitor relevant topics, mentions, purchase intent, share of voice, and all the top sites that mention your company. Brandwatch is very useful, especially during crisis situations or even to monitor your competitor’s moves.


This social listening tool is simple to use and will even send you mobile notifications to let you know when your brand is mentioned. Mention also includes an intuitive dashboard to help you manage your social media accounts and respond to audience members. With Mention, you can easily monitor your brand, company executives, or competitors from any sites or sources.


This content platform not only allows you to organize, publish, and solicit earned media opportunities but also provides a mobile app to conduct your social media monitoring activities while on the go. Prowly even works with Brand Journal and Audience Pitch so you can easily build your newsroom, distribute your content, and track results.


This social media monitoring tool is the best way for marketing managers to interact with audience members on social media, curate content, track their competitors, track all emerging stories, and even measures the results of their marketing efforts. With Meltwater, your marketing managers will always know how well their campaigns are performing.


Maintaining a good reputation is important for the success of any business and with Reputology, reputation management has never been easier. This app allows you to monitor and check major review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews. Reputology even allows you to track activity across multiple storefronts and locations allowing you to respond quickly to audience members and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

Reddit may not be the first place you would consider as a news monitoring tool but with over 250 million users and 8 billion monthly page views, it should be. Reddit’s Keyword Monitor Pro app allows you to set keywords and phrases you want to monitor and even learn who’s talking about your brand, business, and competitors. With the Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro app, listening and monitoring your brand has never been easier.

Whether you already have a few news monitoring tools in your arsenal or you’re looking for new social media monitoring tools and techniques, social listening must be a part of your marketing strategy. When you have your ear to the ground, you gain a better understanding of how your audience is reacting to your brand, any issues they may be facing, and how you can tweak your brand to better fit their needs. Without a good social media monitor tool in your arsenal, your brand image is guaranteed to suffer.

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Emily Pribanic
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