Best Social Media Listening Tools
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Best Social Media Listening Tools

best social media listening tools

Having the right social media listening tool is essential to improve your social media marketing efforts.

It is essential to monitor your social media efforts to ensure that they are paying off. With the right social media listening tool, this is possible and guaranteed to improve your social media marketing efforts.

Being able to find and track conversations on social media is important but can be difficult to do without the proper tools. Luckily, there are many social listening platforms on the market designed to make monitoring social media easier and more beneficial to your marketing efforts. With the wide variety of tools on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your company’s needs. Before you decide the social media listening tools that are best for your company, it is important to create a list outlining what you wish to achieve with your social media listening tool to better help you determine which tool will fit your needs best.

Best Social Media Listening Tools


This is one of the best social media listening tools of 2018. With Keyhole, you’re able to track URLs, hashtags, keywords, and even usernames on Twitter and Instagram. This social media listening tool collects data and posts in real-time. The Keyhole platform gives a timeline that illustrates flows and spikes in posting frequency. Keyhole also offers demographic data like heat maps that measure activity levels across the world and offers sentiment data to drastically improve your social media marketing efforts.


This social media listening tool monitors and collects data from more than 80 million sources to benefit your social media marketing. Brandwatch collects data from blogs, forums, review sites, news sources, and all popular social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This tool also adds context to online conversations by measuring analytics like audience interest and gender ratio and even offers alerts whenever specific terms are mentioned. Brandwatch is an excellent tool to add to your marketing efforts and its price depends on the number of mentions per month and the amount of historical data you wish to have access to.


One of the most popular social listening tools, many companies use Buzzsumo to quantify content and know who is sharing that content. With this social media tool, you can enter a term to rank relevant URLs by social share count. Buzzsumo then creates a list of users who have tweeted the content and even identifies topic influencers who led conversations around that content. This tool even offers alerts whenever a website publishes an article using a specific term you authorize.

Google Alerts

This tool doesn’t offer as much as other social media tools but is completely free and a good option for any company that doesn’t have the proper funds for a more in-depth social media tool. Google Alerts scans publications for keyword mentions and delivers email alerts according to the frequency you choose. Google Alerts also allows users to filter their results by region, language, and source which include blogs, forums, and even news sources.


Another very popular social media listening tool, Hootsuite allows users to create a live stream for each keyword they want to track and creates a grid of content that shows basic engagement data. Hootsuite also allows users to flag posts which is why it is a popular social media tool used by marketing teams that want to be more organized.

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