Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for CMOs to Consider

By Emily Pribanic - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for CMOs to Consider

Social media monitoring tools are essential for companies to take advantage of in our social media-centric world.

Monitoring social media is essential for companies to both connect with their audience and handle negative comments before they get out of control.

Implementing a good social media strategy to follow is essential nowadays for marketing officers. The rise in popularity of social media has made it necessary for CMOs to utilize all social media platforms that benefit their business. Social media not only allows companies to reach their audience better, but it also allows them to connect with them and respond to them more efficiently.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for CMOs to Consider

    • Keyhole

One of the best social media monitoring tools on the market, Keyhole helps companies monitor their Twitter and Instagram accounts and allows them to look at keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames. Keyhole shows users real-time data, historical information and heat maps so they can share the most effective posts at the best times.

    • Hootsuite

This popular social media monitoring software allows users to monitor activity across multiple social networks and platforms. This software allows you to view all your social media networks in one place and even allows you to schedule future posts. The best part about this software is that it’s free for up to three networks and the free feature even allows you to schedule 30 future posts.

    • Twitter Counter

This tool is very beneficial for companies to track their Twitter stats. Twitter Counter also includes buttons and widgets that a user can add to websites, blogs and social media profiles that will show them the number of followers and most recent Twitter visitors. This tool allows users to see retweets, mentions and historical data across multiple accounts and keeps track of this in one place. Users can even create custom reports and graphs to better understand how their accounts are doing.

    • Digimind

This social media tool is excellent to better understand the sentiment of keywords. Digimind allows users to see if the keyword they want to use is perceived as negative, positive or neutral. This tools also allows companies to see how the public views their business compared to their competitors.

    • TweetReach

Tweetreach allows users to see how many people their tweets reach. This tool also allows you to measure the impact of your social media discussions and lets you learn who your most influential followers are. Knowing your most influential followers allows you to connect with the right people to enhance your brand.

    • Sprout Social

This software is very popular because it provides companies with analytics to increase their social media engagement efforts. Sprout Social also allows you to publish posts from the dashboard, like Hootsuite, and collaborate with your social media marketing team.

    • Buzzlogix

This tool allows users to know what the public is saying, in real-time, about their products and services. It also shows users what the public is saying about their competitors and allows them to manage all their social media channels in one place. This software allows companies to reply to other users from the dashboard if their company or certain keyword is mentioned. Not only that, this tool also shows users social media analytics and reports that are very beneficial to increase their social media efforts. This tool is the perfect tool for companies that post a lot on social media and get just as many replies to their posts.

    • Simply Measured

This tool keeps track of many metrics and gathers and analyzes data. Users can understand data on their earned, owned and paid activity with Simple Measured. This tool also provides insights on competitor fan pages, trends, Facebook content, customer service metrics and Instagram engagement. Simply Measured also offers social listening tools comparison.

    • Zoho Social

This tool is perfect for social media network managers. With Zoho Social, users can schedule an unlimited amount of posts across all their social networks while also measuring performance and tracking conversations right from the dashboard.


Maintaining a consistent brand presence across all social networks is essential to ensure that your brand remains consistent in your customer’s eyes. allows this to be possible through team collaboration.

    • Buffer

Buffer is another helpful tool that allows users to schedule a multitude of content across all their social networks. Buffer also provides analytics to help companies determine what content is working and what content isn’t. With Buffer, companies can manage their Facebook fan pages, Facebook group pages, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, Twitter profiles, Pinterest accounts and even Google+.

Monitoring social media is essential for companies to maintain in our digital age. With social media being so popular, many customers expect companies to respond to them on social media and for them to be able to get in touch with the company through social media as well. Social media is becoming the major form of contact customers use to reach companies so, implementing social media monitoring tools is necessary for companies to achieve. Once a company has implemented the best social media monitoring tools to benefit their company, they will be better equipped to respond to any concerns or comments that come from their social media audience.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing s...

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