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5 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions in 2019

Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions in 2019

Marketing automation plays a more important role in business than ever before. Automation allows businesses to build workflows into their marketing, where certain actions trigger responses that put the business in touch with an interested audience. For instance, if a person searches for a brand on Google, they may see ads for the brand later on Instagram or other sits. This is a form of marketing automation that retargets potential customers in an effort to get them to move further down the funnel towards a sale. Another automated action is if a customer buys a product or fills out a form, they get an email welcoming them or offering more information. Even if a customer has already converted, marketing efforts haven’t stopped; the focus has just changed to nurturing that relationship beyond a simple transaction to help encourage repeat business or a referral or recommendation to someone else.

With automation, marketers can plan to spend more time in creating relevant content that will resonate with their audiences and less time distributing the content. Automation also makes it easier to help analyze the results of marketing campaigns to help inform future marketing efforts. So what are the best tools to help marketers improve their automation?

The best marketing automation software solutions for your business

Powerful automation solutions help your brand to reach a targeted audience. Here are some of the best marketing automation software solutions to look into.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot is a leader in marketing automation. Their software solution gives businesses the ability to scale their marketing automation beyond email, including social media monitoring, blogging, landing pages, and even help with SEO. They also offer customizable options for audience targeting. It seamlessly integrates with the free HubSpot CRM tool to keep all customers data and history in one place for even easier analysis and reporting.


SendinBlue is a robust email automation tool. It helps companies with their email marketing, SMS campaign, and transactional email processes. It features easy drag and drops capabilities so anyone can customize their templates without advanced coding skills, and their email designs can be responsive and all templates should work on mobile. It’s an affordable option that enables businesses to load unlimited contacts and send 40,000 emails per month.


Pardot is the best marketing automation software solutions for small to medium-sized B2B businesses. Some of its notable features include integration with Salesforce, Netsuite, and other CRM tools, as well the ability to identify gaps in campaigns before campaign launches. It can also build emails and email campaigns and track results in a customizable dashboard.


Marketo is another popular automation tool. It’s used internationally in small businesses and large enterprises, working to help businesses create personalized marketing campaigns that better engage their customers. It includes capabilities in email marketing, landing pages, nurturing, web analytics, social media, and more.


If you’re a B2C business, LeadSquared might the best marketing automation software solution for you. It can capture leads from email, phone calls, and other campaign sources, as well as automatically prioritize those leads. It’s easily managed from web-based devices or mobile apps and uses email templates that can support viewing on different types of devices, so you can always reach your customer.

The right marketing automation software solution for your business will depend on factors like your budget as well as your marketing goals. If you are looking to automate all parts of your campaigns, there are comprehensive software suites available; if you’re looking for a program to handle only email automation or social media automation, there are answers for that too. Understanding your needs and your goals will be an important first step in helping connect you with the best marketing automation software solutions and help you find more marketing engagement and success

Marianne Chrisos
Marianne Chrisos
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