Unmissable IoT Roundup from CES 2023

By Techfunnel Author - Published on April 5, 2023
Article give details about IoT Roundup from CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is arguably the world’s biggest trade show — which sets the tone for the rest of the year’s tech trends. Some of the most transformative technologies of our age, from the first PC mouse to the first phone with a built-in camera, debuted at CES. in recent years, CES has also become an existing playground for the Internet of Things (IoT) innovations.

CES 2023 was held between January 5th and January 8th in Las Vegas, US. After two relatively quiet years during the pandemic, CES 2023 was back with a bang, with several exciting IoT announcements for businesses, enterprises, and home buyers. Before we look at the unmissable IoT debuts from CES 2023, let us turn the spotlight on one company that focused hugely on the Internet of Things this year — Amazon.

Amazon and Matter at CES

Matter is an open-source application layer connectivity standard designed to promote IoT development and interoperability. The Matter project group is managed by Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast, and several other tech giants. At CES 2023, Amazon introduced a variety of new products supported by Matter.

This includes a dashboard camera equipped with smart sensors that are triggered by certain events. Amazon is reportedly also working on Sidewalk, a micro-network of smart devices that will create high-density connectivity within a small, community radius.

Amazon has also partnered with Panasonic and Disney to further IoT capabilities. With Panasonic, it is building a fully Alexa-equipped vehicle infotainment system, and with Disney, it will launch the Hey Disney! voice assistant for Disney Resort hotels and home Echo devices.

Last, but definitely not the least, Amazon announced at CES that millions of devices across its many Echo lines will now be compatible with Matter — an important step forward for IoT interoperability.

Top Disruptive IoT Tech from CES 2023

Amazon and Matter are established names in the world of IoT — but which ones are the new kids on the block? Here are the new market entrants we spotted at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year which could change the IoT business landscape:

  • Labrador Systems: This startup is building an assistive robot powered by ambient intelligence, which replaces traditional input and output device mechanisms with highly intuitive — almost imperceptible — sensors.
  • Emma Healthcare: This company has come up with BebeLucy, a crib powered by artificial intelligence and IoT sensors, designed to provide infants with optimal environmental conditions through continuous monitoring and smart sleep technologies.
  • Engineering Arts: This is a startup focused on providing AI with a human face. At CES 2023, it showcased Ameca, a human-shaped robot that can be custom programmed with AI and machine learning algorithms.
  • GenieCup: This unique IoT startup helps improve female health through an IOT-enabled menstrual cup. It has a non-intrusive sensor, an exceptionally high vacuum level, and an industry-leading design.
  • Popl: Popl is a digital business card that lets users quickly exchange contact, social media, and professional information with a single tap or scan. It is interoperable across operating systems and works for teams as well as individuals.

In addition to these five startups, there were several notable product announcements that will influence your IoT purchase roadmap in 2023. Read on!

Notable B2B IoT Announcements from CES 2023

For B2B buyers, here are the most notable IoT news and announcements from CES:

  • Wi-Fi 7: It’s only recently that we have seen the gradual adoption of Wi-Fi 6 in large, enterprise settings, but CES is another step ahead of the curve. MediaTek has already launched a slew of Wi-Fi 7 products meant for industrial and retail applications, from gateways to mesh routers.
  • AI smart sensors: Bosch Sensortec, a subsidiary of Bosch, carries on the company’s legacy of manufacturing micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensors, this time with a new range of quantum sensors. These will be significantly more precise than current offerings and help improve healthcare outcomes. The goal is to build power-efficient, compact devices that users can leverage in their daily lives and amass valuable data.
  • Satellite connectivity: Efficient satellite connectivity is essential for large IoT environments such as smart cities. That is why Quectel is working with Skylo to create a 5G-enabled low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). Along with this, Quectel launched 5G modules for automotives at CES 2023, with the objective of supporting autonomous driving and smart fleet management, sometime in the future.
  • Drones: CES witnessed the launch of a new drone — EVO Max 4T by Autel Robotics — built with three high-quality cameras that allow it to capture visuals from 1.2 kilometers away. This has a plethora of use cases, from autonomous navigation to autonomous site inspections.
  • Smart label tracking: The Pod Group has launched a paper-thin tracking device with a six-month battery life. It can revolutionize the supply chain industry by making it easier to track any shipment, anywhere, and across prolonged time periods.
  • IoT platforms: A robust underlying platform is essential for enterprise IoT deployment, which is why CES saw the launch of Cube — a platform by Tuya built on Platform as a Service (PaaS) 2.0 principles. Cube can help reduce R&D costs and build more competitive products through the cloud and IIoT.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare was always a top use case for IoT, and CES 2023 saw the launch of a new smart blood pressure monitor by OMRON. The device can not only check the user’s blood pressure, but it can also process the data on the edge to provide a detailed ESG diagnostic.

While CES is technically a consumer electronics forum, business products have always held a top spot at the event. This year was no different — and you can find more IoT news from the LinkedIn group comprising 20,000+ IMC members, which was the organizer of a dedicated IoT pavilion at CES 2023.

News from Energous Corporation You May Have Missed

Traded on the NASDAQ, Energous is one of the top developers of wireless energy products. At CES 2023, the company demonstrated a number of unique and interesting products. This includes a smart football, wirelessly powered by Energous’ proprietary technology.

There was also an augmented reality experience that visualized the behavior of sensing and data transfers across an IoT platform — a movement that is otherwise invisible to users. Energous also showcased its maintenance-free CO2 sensors, industrial thermal printer, and electronic shelf labels, among other things.

CES 2023 was a crucial event for the global IoT landscape because it signals the return of large, in-person trade events. This article lists the most notable products, announcements, and companies that took center stage.

Of strategic importance is the rise of interoperability, which will be central to more widespread IoT adoption in the future, bypassing vendor lock-in or wasted investments. Another key theme was industrial IoT, which will be a top use case this year, along with consumer-facing IoT innovations.

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Techfunnel Author | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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